I Hate Every Player In The NBA Finals

ICYMI, the NFN has been the pioneer of the hate hard movement against the Golden State Warriors. And now during this game 5, I’m sitting on my couch thinking about how much I fucking loathe every single player in this series. My hate for Lebron and the Cavs has run deep for years now, but there’s literally not a single redeemable player on the Dubs either:

Steph Curry’s self entitled antics have breeded a new sense of hate for me. Klay Thompson, and his generic video game face, are along for the ride. Draymond Green is a serial ball tapper. Harrison Barnes is a solid rotation player who’s going to get 5X more money than he deserves this summer. Andre Iguodala is notorious for being a douche to the media. Shaun Livingston has been underrated for so long he’s actually become overrated at this point. Mareese Speights has a third eye on his bald dome piece, Leandro Barbosa is a low key NBA gypsy and Andrew Bogut sets so many uncalled illegal screens it makes my eyes bleed.

As for the Cavs, you know it’s a problem when you somehow find yourself supporting Kevin Love. Even though he’s toilet paper soft, he’s become so much a whipping boy for the team that I kinda rally around his mutual hate for Lebron.

Then you’ve got Kyrie Irving who is the most one dimensional player in the league. JR Smith, who I’ll never forgive for his time on the Knicks and his nightly Meat Packing District partying ways. Iman Shumpert who has somehow gotten worse since his rookie year and has hair like Lady Gaga. Tristan Thompson gets paid like a superstar for simply being good at rebounding and Matt Dellevedova who is a well regarded NBA gypsy…

If only nobody could win this melodramatic fucking series…



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