ESPN Just Took “Steph Curry Dick-Riding” To Another Level

Unless you just hopped out the DeLorean, you’ve likely been at least mildly aware of the absurd, overwhelming, and unprecedented adoration of Steph Curry that’s taken place in America over the past year.

Translation: Everyone is dick-riding the shit out of Steph Curry.

The treatment that was once specifically reserved for only “The King”, Lebron James (as absurd and over the top as it was/is), has now been given to the the baby-faced, innocent looking, Steph Curry. Everyone and their mother has warm, cozy feelings for Steph Curry and dem Dubs. It’s gotten to the point where America is more fascinated by Curry’s toddler, Riley, or his non-revolutionary and overblown warmup routine, than basketball games themselves.

Rather than dive into the variety of important cultural reasons for why Steph Curry has emerged as such a universally beloved figure (which includes race and style of play), we over at No Filter Network figure we’ll save that for the big boys and just mock how much active dick-riding is “going down”.

Perfect Exemplification of Steph Curry Dick-Riding: ESPN had a motherfucking shot-chart that tracked the makes and misses during Curry’s non-revolutionary and overblown warmup routine. I mean, it’s one thing to fucking salivate like a dog in heat over Steph’s non-special dribbling routine that he performs on the court’s baseline before every game. But to actively track Steph’s shooting percentage during warmups, as if they matter!? FUCK. OUT HERE. 


ESPN Loves Steph Curry.jpg







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