Before The Thrones

Warning: Spoilers ahead for “Game of Thrones” season six, including speculation of future events.

S6 Ep7: “The Broken Man”

“The High Sparrow eyes another target. Jaime confronts a hero. Arya makes a plan. The North is reminded.

Lotta questions left unsolved. And a lotta moving parts meeting in specific areas. With 4 episodes to go, ep7 could be another bridge, like the ep before it, or could start blowing some freaking minds. The title of this week’s ep again has me supa’ jazzed up for the ode it makes to the Books. We’ll cover that later, along with some theories. But let’s try to answer some of those questions first…

What exactly is Jamie doing in Riverrun?

As the NFN has previously detailed, the Freys have been ousted from Riverrun by the Blackfish. Technically, the Freys have control over Riverrun, thus they are attempting to retake it. Jamie was sent by Tommen to retake the lands after he was ousted from the Kingsguard last week. In the Books, Jamie heads up “The Siege of Riverrun.” Essentially, the Frey/Lannister armies will be placing an embargo on the castle until some type of settlement can be reached, or a battle ensues. That’s why Edmure is coming along for the ride as a negotiation chip. From the previews, it looks like Jamie and the Blackfish will have plenty of negotiation face time. It’s safe to assume the “hero” referenced in the description is in fact the Blackfish.

OH, and we’ll see the return of Bronn! It’s been a minute since we saw that sex fiending, sword swinging lunatic. It looks like Jamie is getting the band back together for this one…


What can we tell about Jon and Sansa from the teaser clip?

Looks like their on their tour of the North in effort to pick up bannermen like frat bros during fraternity election time. We specifically see them talking to Galbart Glover, the Lord of House Glover of the North. We all catch the sigil of House Mormont. As we’ve previously detailed, expect Jon and Sansa to hit up all of these tinier houses invoking their historic loyalty to House Stark. There weren’t any glimpses of House Manderly, but don’t be surprised if the campaign trail leads them there as well.

Is this FINALLY the episode we see Ian McShane?!?

It’s long been rumored that iconis TV actor Ian McShane would be making a single episode appearance as a septon from the Books in this season of GoT which could have MAJOR implications for the Show. We have yet to see McShane, but given the travels that we know certain characters are on and the sequencing of the Book, now seems like a pretty apt time to see him. McShane’s character could open up a lot of doors to some long held fan theories. In particular, the rumored character that McShane plays, “Septon Meribald,” leads Brienne and Pod through the Riverlands (as they this season). During their journey they run into the Brotherhood Without Banners (rumored to be in the Riverlands this season). During that encounter there are some MAJ revelations including the return of two characters… One which is known to reappear in the Books and readers have given up hope on seeing, and another who has been at the root of speculation ever since the ending of A Feast For Crows.

Who could be “the broken man”?

Well, to me there is only one logical, spoiler driven answer….. SANDOR “THE HOUND” CLEGANE, SON. Aside from the aforementioned information, the phrase “the broken man” comes from a fabled speech given by a man named Elder Brother to Brienne and Pod while they’re traversing the Riverlands during which he talks about how he found the Hound where Arya had left him last. He was broken and defeated before he died under the watch of Elder Brother who also buried him. He would describe the Hound as a “broken man.” In a confusing turn, Brienne and Pod run into the Brotherhood Without Banners who have a man who wears the Hound’s famous helmet… Despite this, many fans theorize that the Hound is alive and that Elder Brother’s words merely detail “the Hound” as an aspect of Sandor’s personality.

Could this fabled  fan theory be true…..?



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