Greatest Fantasy Football Punishment Ever?

One of the hottest trends in going fantasy football right now is leagues issuing fun and creative punishments to the worst team in a given fantasy league.

While dudes with the best squadron’s have always received some type of reward/recognition for winning a fantasy league (or finishing as runner-up), very rarely did leagues dish out a “reward” for the loser. What initiated as an intelligent attempt by fantasy league commissioners to incentivize all teams in a league to put forth an A+ effort throughout the entire season, has mutated into another cult-like element to the religion that is fantasy sports. These days, if the biggest loser in your fantasy league isn’t getting as punished as the biggest winner is getting paid, you’re doing it wrong.


(You can also probably thank FX’s relatively revolutionary comedy “The League” for these creative developments in fantasy football leagues.)


Up until this past weekend, the funniest and most creative punishment I had seen dealt out to a fantasy loser was the “SAT loser”. As highlighted by BroBible, a group of Boston College visionaries made the loser of their fantasy football league retake the SATs (…. they were 25).

HOW-EVAH: That has all changed thanks a dude named Steven Cantu with the Twitter handle @scantizzy. This is what the loser of Scantizzy’s fantasy football league was forced to do:


Best Fantasy Football Punishment.png


Not sure what the best part of this photo is:

  1. The creativity of the punishment

  2. The fantastic photoshop job

  3. The sweet-ass lookin’ swing that chubby’s got going








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