Hypocritical Hillary: Dodging Debates

Daily reminder for y’all that the flip-flopper, pathetic panderer, focus-group groupie, Hillary Clinton, is absolutely full of shit.

As we’ve covered, the true definition of a “Career Politician” is someone that has consistently changed his/her views and opinions not due to transforming views, but due to desires of career advancement and attaining as much power as possible. “Hillary Clinton” is the perfect synonym to “Career Politician” in this instance. 

For today’s edition of Hillary’s Habitual Hypocrisy: Debates.

The DNC and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz orchestrated the schedule of nationally televised Democratic Presidential Debates with clear strategic intent. Three of the first four nationally televised Dem Debates took place on a Saturday or Sunday. These low-visibility debates just so happened to occur around the same time that Bernie Sanders was CewEFTcWIAAPERupicking up significant momentum / additional supporters. Political television and news networks have just so happened to receive their worst ratings during weekend time slots from a historical standpoint. Between Bernie’s growing appeal and Hillary’s massive/clear flaws, it’s obvious that the DNC hoped to minimize Clinton’s visibility as primary season kicked off.

Don’t get me wrong… it was definitely a smart idea and the right move for the Democratic Party, as it’s goal is to have Hillary Clinton on the ballot in November 2016. Based on the chart below, it’s pretty clear that more screen-time for Hillary would have only ramped up the polling transformation that you see:



Ok… back to Hillary’s Habitual Hypocricy. 

After avoiding the eyes of Americans to start 3 of the first 4 nationally televised debates, and basically being physically forced to debate Bernie Sanders in her “home state” of New York (for the same reasons we covered above), the Clinton Campaign is back to it’s same old tricks.

The Hilldabeast has turned down the opportunity to debate The Brooklyn Brawler in in the week leading up to the California Primary next month. The Golden State’s primary will feature 475 dellies! These massive stakes can potentially set Sanders on a path to get within reach of Clinton in terms of the delegate count while simultaneously convince Super Delegates that he is a viable option for the general election. Obviously the Clinton Campaign believes that additional exposure for Hillary will only make her look weaker. Hmmmm, not sure if that’s what you want in your presumptive candidate.

But here’s the funny thing, Clinton bitched about Barack Obama “dodging debates” during the 2008 presidential primary season as well. Here’s what Clinton had to say during the 2008 election cycle when asked about her desire to have more debates:

“You should be willing to debate anytime, anywhere” – Hillary Clinton


I guarantee Hillary would be singing the same exact tune if she was currently in Bernie’s position in the polls right now. 





Other fun reminders that Hillary is hypocritical and full of malarkey:





3 thoughts on “Hypocritical Hillary: Dodging Debates

    • Why would anyone be for a candidate who takes money from foreign governments and are child abusers, heaters of gay and lesbian people, beat wives, and rape children. Hillary Clinton opposed gays and was only for traditional marriage in 2004. Hillary Clinton is a hypocrit and liar.


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