(Not-So) Quick Post-S6E3 Game of Thrones Thoughts

Ya boy is on a bit of a catch-up mission this week. Due to craycray work hours and shitty sleeping patterns, little has been broken down by me this month. As a result, I’m finna bang some shit out quickie-stylo this week in an effort to cover thangs I failed to talk about originally. Speaking of which….

Quick Post-S6E3 Game of Thrones Thoughts

Warning: Ya boy is a hardbody book-reader. I’m not going to go HAM on any material that’s been included in the books that hasn’t been depicted in the show yet, but please note some things may slip through the cracks. Obviously, everything said will be for people 100% caught up on the show.


#1) Fire fucking flames outta Jon Snow to start episode 3 of Game of Thrones’ 6th season. The moment that TV viewers waited a year for, and book readers waited 5 years for, finally arrived. Jon finally woke the fuck up from the dead, courtesy of the person everyone expected to be responsible for his resurrection, Melisandre. It kinda-sorta happened in the same manner that most book-fiends hoped it would… albeit without some nerd-worthy details that enhance the mythology and history of the GoT universe (not worth getting into right now). Some quick highlights from the scene featuring Jon’s return Return Of The Mack Moment:

  1. Loved Davos’ straight up mind-fucked mental state following Jon returning from the dead. Davos’s bewilderment was well-deserved and pretty fucking funny at the same time. Gotta love The Onion Knight’s quote when speaking to Jon about his resurrection: “That’s completely fucking mad, seems to me. I can only imagine what it seems to you”.
  2. Melisandre and her loyalty to the Lord of The Light received some much needed CPR after nearly failing on 2 false prophecies in a row.
  3. Loved how the core emotion of the scene was Jon’s sadness and utter disappointment about being betrayed by his colleagues and friends, including The Night’s Watch’s most innocent (Ollie). I would have thought it’d be some kind of celebratory event. Jon was more worked up about the fact that he “failed” as Lord Commander as opposed to the fact that he got stabbed to death by a bunch of traitorous fucks. Ultimately, Jon is a man of character and principles. For the first time ever, Jon’s beliefs and values were smashed stabbed to pieces. This will surely dictate Jon’s decision-making going forward. Nice gravitas. 
  4. It was cold-blooded as fuck for the GoT writers to have Jon say “There was nothing at all” when describing how empty and black the after-life truly was. Doesn’t get any darker than that, folks.
  5. Loved the quote between Jon and his boy saying “Is that still you in there?”. Little foreshadowing that Jon might exactly be the same person that he was before spending some time in the after-life.



Ok… enough with the Snow-gasm. 


#2) I can’t fucking believe that the show runners are actually showing the flashback to what happened at the “Tower Of Joy”. CHUBBY ALERT. 

This dope flashback seen through the eyes of Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven is on another fucking level…. and I surrriously mean that. While booker readers have read multiple stories/tales from different characters regarding this “circumstance”, no one has ever witnessed (reading or viewing) what actually went down between Ned Stark and Sir Arthur Dayne at the Tower Of Joy. As a book reader myself, I’ve always pictured this scene in full detail. I’m very satisfied with the aesthetic and visuals that HBO and the show writers used to depict this “circumstance”. While TV viewers are yet to see the full significance of this scene yet, most book readers understand that it’s finna be lit.




Sidenote 1: The flashback at the Tower Of Joy featured one of the most beautifully choreographed sword-fight scenes that I have ever seen, in television or motion pictures.

Sidenote 2: Loved Young Ned’s sexy-ass man-bun. Holla atcha boy.

Sidenote 3: The Three-Eyed Raven’s following quote was for sure some foreboding foreshadowing: “You won’t be here forever and you won’t be here in a tree. You must learn everything.”

Sidenote 4: Sir Arthur Dayne was supposedly the greatest knight in the entire world at the time of this “circumstance”.


#3) Pumped to see what’s in store for Sam. I’m hoping he goes full Ms. Frizzle and takes us on a “Magic School Bus” ride through the history of Westeros. Also, fuck off Gilly, you’re annoying as fuck.  



Was this boss a warg that was capable of transforming into an iguana-dragon at all times? WHAMMY. 



#4) Varys is a fucking boss. Not only did he strong-arm the shit out of that Sons of the Harpy apologist, he also set her and her son up with a most-likely wealthy future for years to come. Varys is one of the few Game of Thrones characters that has a complete grasp on his actions/objectives while embodying a “speak softly and carry a big stick” belief system. The Eunuch totes thrusted that big stick on the Unsullied-killer and found out key information: The slavers of Yunkaii and Astapor (which Dany previously conquered, are funding the Sons of the Harpy).


#5) Tyrion followed-up his BAMF quote from Episode 2 with more straight fire: 

Tyrion: The great history of the world is great conversations in elegant rooms.

Greyworm: Who said this?

Tyrion: Me, just now.



#6) : Qyborn now has Varys’ “little birds”. Uh oh. 





#7) Official confirmation that Cersei’s Frankenstein is indeed the remnants of Gregor Clegane. The books have yet to confirm this, although most astute readers have come to this conclusion by now. Perfect example of how the books have subtle advantages over the TV series in terms of how “mysteries” unfold, as you have no way of knowing for sure whether Cersei’s new mutant giant is The Mountain or not.

PS: If you haven’t realized by now, Game of Thrones is basically a giant mystery story heavily drizzled in Political Power-Plays, Medieval Fantasy, and Science Fiction.


#8) Dope training montage with Arya. Love that chick. WE GOT DEM EYES BACK SON. 

#9) Welcome back Rickon. 

#10) Peace out Osha. 

#10) RIP Shaggydog. 

We are now down to only 3(?) remaining Direwolves. FML. 

  1. Ghost – Jon
  2. Summer – Bran
  3. Nymeria? – Arya
  4. Rob – Greywind
  5. Sansa – Lady
  6. Rickon – Shaggydog


#11) The High Sparrow is manipulative as fuck. Fantastic dialogue and verbal ballet courtesy of the High Sparrow as he calms down the raging boy-king. Tommen is just a pawn in his political chess game. Cersei better step the fuck up before this poor-ass priest pops off on her territory.

#12) I love how pale Jon Snow is. He still seems dead from a visual standpoint. Perfect representation of how he has yet to return to his own original self.

#13) Fuck Allister. Fuck Ollie. Need I say more? 




#14) Jon’s “Watch Has Ended”. Which means it’s his time to leave the Night’s Watch and get gully on Westeros and such. Which means it’s time to wreck shop on all the bitches that be frontin’ on his familia’s name. Nam sayin’?













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