ICYMI: Bernie Snags Oregon While Hillary Squeaks By In Kentucky

ICYMI: The Democratic National Committee held presidential primaries in Oregon and Kentucky last week on May 17th. The ballot featured two heavy-weight fighters that have been trading political punches for over half a year now: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. 




Going into the night, The Brooklyn Brawler was expected to come away with a W in Oregon with relative ease. The demographics of Oregon overlap very nicely with the Sanders’ strongest voting-support base (white, young, liberal). While the each state’s population is not exactly identical, Oregon and Washington share some surrious similarities. Considering BernBern went HAM in Washington by winning 72.7% of the vote, even the strongest of the Clinton sycophants resigned to the fact that Sanders would take Oregon earlier this month. The results from the Oregonian Primary went the way of “all chalk” (if anything, Hillary won more than most fuckface gasbags projected).




The Brooklyn Brawler came away with 56% of the vote but only a 9-delegate net increase relative to The Hilldabeast. If Sanders wants to actually make this thang a competition that’ll be decided by the allegiance of Super Delegates, Bernie needs to start winning his “strong states” in a much more dominating fashion. With the Democratic National Convention only 2 months away, it’s go-hard-or-go-home time for the Sanders Campaign. Gaining less than 10 additional dellies in his sure-fire states will absolutely place BernBern on the sidelines in a matter of weeks. Winter is coming.




As for Kentucky….

Hillary snuck by at the Kentucky Presidential Primary with a 0.5% win over Bernie Sanders last week. The Clinton Campaign presumed for weeks that it would be the winner in the Bluegrass State, as it’s voting base is aligned relatively closely to the southern states (Hillary’s wheelhouse). However, as the Kentucky Primary approached, it became clear to not just the Clinton Campaign but also the MSM that Bernie would have a shot to upset Hillary on May 17th. This swing of “momentum” can be attributed to:

  1. Sanders’ continued visibility and appealing message.
  2. Hillary’s continued unlikeability and lack of moral fiber.
  3. A hangover from the West Virginia Democratic Primary.

In reference to #3…. Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton by +15% in West Virginia last week. As we highlighted in our recap of the WV Primary, Eastern Kentucky’s economy is significantly dependent on the coal industry just as West Virginia’s is. When you consider Hillary’s gaffes lies hypocritical comments about “putting coal miners and workers out of business”, it’s not exactly shocking Kentucky soured on Hillary. These candidates have been at the center of the American public’s eye for a year and it’s only natural for voters to get sick and tired of them. Add a relatively monumental gaffe such as Hillary’s coal miner comment, and you can see how entire state can turn on a candidate in a quick time span.




According to the Wall Street Journal, the Kentucky Primary results “suggest that a racially diverse segment of the party, located in cities and their surrounding suburbs, is largely behind Mrs. Clinton, while a less-diverse and largely rural part of the party backs Sen. Sanders”. This is in line with our brief demographic break-down of Oregon.

Shout-out to The Hilldabeast, who didn’t need to rely on any coin-tosses or picking names out of a hat in order to receive the official “W” following another extremely close primary. You’d think the obvious, predetermined, and already coronated Democratic Presidential Nominee would be winning these state primaries by a much larger margin at this point…? 




Here’s where the race stands following the Kentucky and Oregon Presidential Primaries, which were the final Democratic primaries for the month of May.

As you can see, nothing’s changed since last week. The race is over if the Super Delegates stick with Hillary, regardless of how many more state primaries Bernie Sanders wins (ironically enough):



And you know it boy.


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