When Will People Realize The Warriors Are Kinda Douchey (Part 3)

As we’ve asked a few times already at No Filter Network (here and here):

When will people realize The Golden State Warriors are kinda douchey? 

Yes, it looks like we no longer need to include the “kinda” in our question regarding whether or not The Dubs are bunch of assholes. This fact has been pretty much certified and etched in stone by now. While we’ve done a decent job of documenting some of GSW’s extreme displays of douche-hood, we’d basically have to quit our 9 to 5’s if we wanted to catch even half of the times the Warriors overly-stunts on folks. Thanks to none other than Draymond Green (what a surprise…), we have our newest edition to the tally of Golden State fuckery.

As I’m sure you’ve seen by now, Draymond Green went straight Daniel-San and crane-kicked the shit out Steven Adams’ fucking balls and shaft during Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals last night. 






Draymond was issued a Flagrant 1 after the referees reviewed the play (Flagrant 1’s result in 2 free throws and possession; Flagrant 2’s result in the same as well as an automatic ejection). After seeing the replay for themselves on the Chesapeake Arena jumbotron, OKC fans started chanting “kick him out” loud enough that viewers back home could easily hear what was being said from their couches. And rightfully so… this wasn’t Draymond’s first dirty low-blow issued to a Thunder player during the WCF, let alone issued to Steven Adams:




To be honest, I was pretty surprised that Draymond’s first sack-tap during Game 2 of the WCF didn’t garner more attention/criticism following the game. If you watch the play in real-time and slow-motion, it’s very clear that Green bring’s his knee up relatively late and ultimately molliwops Adams’ nutsack. Anyone that operates under the “ball is life” mantra (which everyone at No Filter Network does, obvi kid) is aware that a late raise of the knee is a solid incognito dirty move. The knee isn’t necessary aimed straight at the family-jewels, but it is absolutely used to issue some pain.

As for this Mr. Miyagi leg-kick from last night…. are you fucking kidding me, son? I’m honestly speechless than anyone is even trying to defend Draymond (other than Warrior fans) today. The kick came so late after Draymond’s initial move and reaction that only a jerkoff would think it was accidental. These guys are professional athletes and they have the capability to slow the fuck down on a dime and not wail their limbs like a bunch of fuckbois. Maybe we could at least pretend to believe Draymond if he hadn’t already kneed Adams straight in the groin within the past week. But after that? C’mon son. 

Of course, the Warriors had to be their douchey selves in reaction to the incident. Steve Kerr and Steph Curry had the “unmitigated gall” (shouts to SAS) to say they expect the Flagrant 1 to be rescinded (while the NBA decides whether or not they’ll spend Draymond for Game 4). Similarly, Draymond claimed innocence while his voice sounded more reserved and quavery when asked about the play.









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