Charts, Bruh: Trumpmentum

Peep this chart, bruh: 


(Statistics from Associated Press)

So… I actually hated myself when choosing to title this edition of Charts, Bruh as “Trumpmentum”. As I’m sure you’ve seen over the past 6 months, the media has tended to label Donald Trump’s success during the 2016 presidential election cycle as Trumpmentum. Shit, even the god damn Tea Party has had a titled “Trumpmentum Explained” on its official website. In most instances, various forums have used the term in simply a catchy and colloquial means in the ever-thirsty attempt to rack up additional “clicks”.

HOW-EVAH: this chart is correctly titled, as it truly represents what folks like to refer to as “momentum” (which doesn’t actually exist, I might add. More on that later…). As you can see in the graphic, Donald Trump failed to gain a majority in any of the first 33 state primaries. Obviously it would’ve been very difficult for Trump to start off with anything even close to 50% of a primary vote, as the GOP election cycle began with +15 different candidates. However within 8 states into the primary season, there were only 5 GOP candidates remaining (Trump, Cruz, Kasich, Rubio, Carson) by the time the 4th state primary (Nevada) rolled around. Which means Trump failed to earned a majority of any vote with only 5 candidates for 30 different primaries before New York. DonDon’s inability to ever be “greater than the sum of his opposition’s parts” led many gasbags to believe that Trump wouldn’t reach the necessary 1,237 dellies to earn the GOP nomination.

Yet somehow, Trump’s voting results stepped the fuck up (literally and mathematically) since the New York Primary. Since the Big Apple primaries, Donald Trump has won over 50% in every state primary. That’s what you call, Trumpmentum.




This step-function of sorts that we see with Trump’s newfound control is probably due to a combination of the following 3 things:

  1. Many Republicans began dreading the idea of an ugly, divided, and ultimately staining contested convention that could set the GOP back for decades. It also didn’t help that the runner-up (Cruz) was one of the most unlikable politicians in recent years.
  2. Republican voters agreed with the sentiment of Trump and some media members that it would be extremely undemocratic for the party elite to go against the will of its own voting base. Losing the trust of its own voting base would set the GOP back for decades.
  3. Republican voters are so god damn tired of this motherfucking election cycle that they said, “fuck it, let’s just nominate Trump and watch him take down Hillary with him… at least it’ll be a spectacle”. 


And you know it boy.





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