Before The Thrones

It’s everyone’s favorite day of the week. So you know what that means, Game of Thrones is 2 days a week… LFG. Let’s get our speculation and clairvoyance hats on.

Episode 5: “The Door”

“Tyrion seeks a strange ally. Bran learns a great deal. Brienne goes on a mission. Arya is given a chance to prove herself.”

Exactly how powerful is Bran?

Simply put, Bran is one powerful mofo. He is a warg, skinchanger and a greenseer, and to book readers’ knowledge, he is the only person in GoT history to possess these abilities (maybe the three eyed Raven, but that’s not confirmed). Even the Three Eyed Raven has proclaimed that he has waited for Bran to find him and that he has Neo in the Matrix type powers. As a warg, Bran is able to enter the minds of dogs and wolves. As a skinchanger, he is able to enter the minds of any other animal. But Bran is in the 1% of the 1% as he is also able to skinchange into humans, as evidenced by his controlling of Hodor in seasons past.

Perhaps his most powerful ability, Bran is a greenseer, meaning that he can see the past and future through an innate connection he has with weirwood trees. However, his abilities are even stronger in the show, as Bran can view the past from virtually any vantage point. And to that end, he appears that he can also interact with the past, also evidenced by the time he yelled his father’s name at the Tower of Joy.

So, yeah, Bran has what we in the biz like to call “game changer ability.”

How does a “kingsmoot” work?

To generalize, a kingsmoot is basically how the political process is manifesting itself in our native land for this upcoming election. When a kingsmoot is held, any captain may put his name forward as a candidate for King of the Iron Islands. As such, every captain is also a king of his own ship. Captains that put their name forward for consideration are allowed to deliver an impassioned speech to persuade the other Ironborn to vote for them. Once a large majority call out a candidate’s name to proclaim him King the kingsmoot ends.

So lets say for instance Euron Greyjoy (Donald Trump) decides to run for King of the Iron Islands (President of the United States) he is allowed to declare his candidacy against any others and deliver a speech to sway the Ironborn (dumb citizens of the US of A) to scream his name as loudly as possible (A Trump rally) until he is declared King.

What could be this “journey” that Brienne goes on?

Now we’re cooking baby! Well as fate would have it, it appears that we could be on the cusp of the debut GoT appearance of one of my personal favorite actors and TC O.G. Ian McShane!!! He was casted in an unspecified title, but with a role description that fit the style of a famous travel companion of Brienne and Pod in the Books known as Septon Meribald. Speculation also has him pegged as another mysterious religious character known as the Elder Brother. Regardless, either would result in Brienne and Pod taking this so called “journey” that will result in them making the acquaintance of Ian McShane which has me pretty freakin’ jazzed up for this upcoming episode. Specifically for the completely unsubstantiated speculation that we could see the return of Sandor Clegane through this plot line, as the No Filter Network has previously surmised. Either way it looks like things will continue to remain hot an heavy in Westeros…



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