ICYMI: Hillary Sorta Stumbles In West Virginia

Ok… we’re playing catch-up. Ya boy has a bunch of ish  written in my phone that I haven’t gotten around to discussing in this forum (going through a bit of a cold streak). I’m finna just bang some shit out hardbody tonight, sacrifice some sleep for the people, bring that heat, and spit that real.

ICYMI: Bernie Sanders won the West Virginia Democratic Primary last week (5/10). Sanders came away on top of Hillary by the end of the night (hmmmm, that sounded out weird…), winning by more than a 15% margin. The Brooklyn Brawler finished the WV Primary with 18 pledged delegates and inched 7 extra dellies closer to The Hilldabeast.



If you’re only following the Democratic presidential race in the periphery (which is more than most can say), you’re probably just reading/taking a majority of the MSM’s headlines as the truth. If that’s the case, this Bernie Sanders win, in which he only gained a +7 margin in his attempt to catch Hillary, wasn’t that big of a deal. In fact, it was just a little hiccup on the way to Hillary’s predetermined coronation that’s been a year in the making.

HOW-EVAH: this little hiccup during Hillary’s fox-trot to the Democratic National Convention isn’t her first case of political-heartburn. Just a week earlier, Bernie came away with a relatively unexpected victory in Indiana by a xyz% margin over Hillary. Not only was this a shocker, but also some potentially revelatory news. Indiana Primaries have historically been used by statistician and demographers to gauge how a majority of the country will vote come November. With a solid W that basically served as a defibrillator to his campaign, Bernie re-calibrated the Clinton Campaign’s focus from Donald Trump back to him. This doesn’t exactly run parallel to the narrative being pushed by many media entities (the George Stephanopouloss of the world…).

(“Statistician” is pretty fucking hard to spell, to be honest.)


Now to be fair, Clinton’s loss to BernBern in West Virginia has significantly less implications than her loss the previous week in Indiana. This is due to the fact that 1) West Virginia is not as analogous to the rest of America’s demographics and 2) Hillary basically shit the bed in the days leading up to the Mountain State’s primaries. In the process of Hillary hijacking the messages of Bernie Sanders (in an effort to appeal to more Democrats) and Barack Obama (in an effort to not get indicted by Loretta Lynch), The Hilldabeast went on auto-pilot and slipped up big time in the 2nd highest coal-producing state in the country. 




In 2013, there was over 20 thousand West Virginians employed by coal-related jobs. Between 2011 and 2014, southern West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky has lost over 10 thousand coal-related jobs, due to alternative-energy competition and mostly due to looming environmental regulations. Considering these facts, one might say Hillary’s moronic statements came at the wrong place at the wrong time. I’ll go one further… it speaks to Clinton’s general unawareness and overall ineptitude. 

Of course, once informed of her atrocious fuck-up, Hillary back-pedaled as she’s done throughout her entire “political career”. After saying that she hopes to “put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business”, Hillary had the unimaginable gall to claim that she not only “misspoke“, but that Republicans were taking her comments “out of context”. 

Classic Clinton.




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