Charts, Bruh: NBA Coaching Tenures

Peep this chart, bruh: 




As we covered during 1 of our 2 hot-takes discussing Frank Vogel and his recent firing, NBA organizations have been churning through different coaches faster than this guy can (probably) churn butter.

[Image: zKI9T.gif]


During what we like to call the NBA “coaching carousel” / “coaching musical chairs”, 40% of the NBA’s head coaches that started the 2015-2016 season are no longer with their teams. Other than Scott Skiles, everyone else (11 different coaches!) was given the boot and sent packing for not meeting “expectations”. While some firings were justified due to straight ineptitude and brutal stubbornness (Byron Scott), many were due to impatient General Managers who put together shitty roster and needed to play the blame-game (Kevin McHale, Jeff Hornacek).

And in some rare instances, you get a case of a head coach who’s finna easy-mac the shit out of every single one of his peer’s boos before he burns every personal-bridge he has (Derek Fisher).

Following the San Antonio Spurs’ shocking loss to the OKC Thunder in the 2nd round of the playoffs, we thought the chart above was a dope representation of what we’re seeing go down in NBA coaching circles over the past few years. As you can see, if it wasn’t for Gregg Popovich’s massive/impressive 20-year tenure with the Spurs is the only thing keeping the Average NBA Coaching Tenure at a respectable rate. Without the likes of Pop, Rick Carlisle (the 2nd best coach in the league), and Eric Spoelstra (a consistently improving and adapting coach), not a single coach in the NBA would have had the same job for 5-years. Quick reminder: the 4th, 5th, and 6th longest tenured coaches in the chart above (Thibs, Vogel, and McHale) are no longer with their squads. That’s fucking crazy. While it’s hypocritical to heavily empathize with this trend in NBA coaching while teams run through players at an insane clip, this chart gives credence to Jeff Van Gundy’s continued complaints about the way coaches are treated in the league.

Parting Fun Fact:

There have been 233 head coaching changes in the NBA since Gregg Popovich became Head Coach of the San Antonio Spurs.

Here’s the list of the biggest offenders in terms of churning through different coaches faster than the fat guy with the Shake-Weights. To no one’s surprise, the teams at the top of the list have been some of the shittier and more dysfunctional franchises in the NBA:

13 — Memphis

12— Orlando, Washington

11 — Brooklyn, Detroit, L.A. Lakers, Sacramento

10 — Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, Golden State, New York

9 — Minnesota, Philadelphia

8 — L.A. Clippers, Milwaukee, Phoenix

7 — Charlotte, Oklahoma City

6 — Indiana, Portland, Toronto

5 — Atlanta, Boston, Houston, New Orleans

3 — Dallas, Miami

2 — Utah

0 — San Antonio

Note — Totals for Memphis, Orlando, Indiana and Houston include current vacancies.



And you know it boy.








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