Rock On, Frank Vogel

Gotta get some quick thoughts out that’ve been brewing in ma dome-piece since last week: 

The NBA “coaching carousel” / “coaching musical chairs” has continued non-stop for about 3-weeks now since the end of the 2015-2016 regular season. The amount of coach-change activity that has unfolded, basically uninterrupted, since the end of the regular season, could be equated to some rock-hard wood after taking too much Viagra.



In case you just hopped out the DeLorean, this kind of activity in terms of NBA teams firing changing their coaches has been a growing trend for a while now. In fact, NBA coaches have been fired at a higher rate over the past 10 years than any other 10-year period in the history of the league. Since the start of the current NBA season, 12 different head coaches have been “relieved of their duties” as commander in chief of their basketball squadrons. That’s a big fat 40% of the league that severed ties with their respective coaches. The list of NBA organizations that changed their coaches this year include:

Scott Skiles (Orlando Magic) 

Frank Vogel (Indiana Pacers)

 Dave Joerger (Memphis Grizzlies)

Jeff Hornacek (Phoenix Suns)

Derek Fisher (New York Knicks)

Kevin McHale (Houston Rockets)

George Karl (Sacramento Kings)

Lionel Hollins (Brooklyn Nets)

Byron Scott (Los Angeles Lakers)

Sam Mitchell (Minnesota Timberwolves)

Dave Blatt (Cleveland Cavaliers) 

Randy Wittman (Washington Wizards)


Just this week, we’ve seen: David Joerger’s shocking (ll,1) firing (following his unethical attempt to snag another coaching job while still getting paid fucking millions of dollars by the Memphis Grizzlies) and Scott Skiles’ shocking (ll,1) resignation from the Orlando Magic (most likely because he’s trying to snag another coaching job). Considering these 2 relatively major shake-ups on the NBA coaching scene, it’s likely that Frank Vogel (who’s “contract was not renewed” last week) will be back in the league in no time. In fact, if you’re a degenerate gambler, or if you have a gun to your head and need to make a declarative statement about the Vogel family right now, I would bet that Vogel will be signed by either the Grizz or the Magic by the end of the month.

In anticipation of Frank Vogel’s likely contract negotiations with at least 1 of these 2 teams, let’s address some crucial facts about FV as a coach.

(Also, ICYMI: ya boy The MD spit a comprehensive/badass review of Vogel’s performance as a coach and why the Knicks on their hand and knees for Frankie Brown Eyes at his doorstep.)

Despite Larry Legend’s complete reluctance to bring back Vogel, NBA heads East and West of the Mississippi should be happy/thankful if their respective favorite teams sign Vogel as a coach. Two quick hitters on why that’s the case:

#1): Frank Vogel was the third-most successful NBA coach, behind Gregg Popovich and Rick Carlisle, in terms of challenging and sometimes defeating the Lebron James-led Miami Heat between 2010 and 2014. Obviously Pop and Rick the Slick took the Miami Heat to church in the 2011 and 2014 (…and basically 2013…) NBA Finals when they each came away with the Larry O’Brien Trophy. Outside of that however, it was pretty much the Vogel-led Indiana Pacers that had the most relative success against South Beach’s ‘Big 3’. The Pacers took the James-Wade-Bosh Heat to Game 7 in the 2013 Eastern Conference Finals and Game 6 of the 2014 ECF. On multiple occasions, the Pacers could have swung the series in their favor and potentially finished off Miami if it wasn’t for the mental lapses of certain players that had nothing to do with Frank Vogel. When you consider the fact that the 2010-2014 Miami Heat were the Founding Fathers of the NBA’s current small-ball style of play, and that Larry Bird is hoping to transition into the small-ball era at light speed, it’s ironical (yes, ironical) that the Pacers would fire one of the most successful coaches ever in terms of facing elite small-ball teams.


Whatever though. “Fuck ’em Ye”.


#2) Frank Vogel must’ve fucking been doing something right, when you consider the recent performance of Lance Stephenson and Roy Hibbert. Under Vogel, Stephenson was a frank-vogelperennial Sixth Man Of The Year candidate and nightly gamer, while Hibbert transformed into one of the most elite rim protectors in the history of modern basketball. Since leaving the Pacers, Stephenson has bounced between 3 different teams (Charlotte, Los Angeles, Memphis) and failed to gain any productive traction with any organization. Meanwhile, Hibbert and transformed into a basketball laughing stock, that no one on planet Earth actually wants on their team. I have a sneaking suspicion that both Stephenson and Hibbert would be better and more productive players in 2016 if they were still being coached by Frank Vogel.


And you know it boy.










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