Charts, Bruh: Steph Curry’s MVP Season

Peep this chart, bruh (courtesy of Jessie Kavana): 




Oh baby. This chart is sexy as fuck. 

Sorry… I just had to get that out of my system.

The Warriors held a ceremony honoring Steph Curry for winning his 2nd MVP award prior to Game 5 between the Dubs and Blazers tonight. Curry had a historic season, and was rewarded as such by the NBA journalists that voted him as the unanimous MVP. FYI, that has never happened before (which to be honest, is more of a reflection of asinine journalists than the historical performance of NBA players). I mean, Wilt Chamberlain’s +50 point/+20 rebound season and Michael Jordan’s 30/8/8 season both failed to earn a unanimous MVP selection. In the wake of Steph’s back-to-back award, we thought we’d throw the MVP some love (but don’t get us wrong, the Warriors are still douchey, starting at the top too).

Now that my statistical boner has settled down, let’s tackle this ish…

Sexy info-graphic aside (golfer-clap to ESPN Stats & Info), this chart is sexy for a couple of reasons:

  1. The record for most 3-pointers made by one player in a single NBA season increased by less than 2% during the 17 years between 1995-1996, when Dennis Scott set the record, and 2012-2013, when Steph Curry first broke the record.
  2. Steph Curry has set a new record for most 3-pointers made in a single season in each of the last 3 seasons (triggersmacking his own record twice).
  3. After beating his own record for the first time by about 5%, Steph Curry beat his 3-point record this season by more than 40%. That’s fucking insane.
  4. The unprecedented increase in Steph’s 3-point makes over the past 3 years can beNBA3PointLeaderscited as the main driver of a recent trend in the NBA regarding 3-point attempts,
    which we covered in a previous “Charts, Bruh”. When you see the chart and the fact that Steph owns 3 of the top-4 best seasons in terms of made 3-pointers in NBA history, it makes complete sense. #WhatATimeToBeAlive.


NBA 3 Point Stats


And You Know It Boy.


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