Monday Morning Thrones

Although it appears that Game of Thrones took a minute to catch its breathe yesterday evening, Westeros never rests! And last night’s episode “Oathbreaker” was nonetheless LIT CITY. Again, there a lot of painstaking plots to cover in the show right now, so let’s get to some reviews and make some sense of it… HIT THE MUSIC.

At The Wall, Jon Snow has risen to the amazement of the Night’s Watch and Wildlings. Tormund greets him with tempered and whimsical amazement, I paraphrase “they think you’re a God… I know you’re not because no God has a pecker that small.” Amazing exchange. We would start the ep at The Wall and also end the ep at The Wall, as much of the “Oathbreaking” understandably dealt with Jon. In the final minutes we witnessed Jon honor the code of The Watch by executing Alliser Thorne, Olly and the rest of the mutineers for their treason. However, this would be his last act as Lord Commander, as Jon not so shockingly decided to leave The Black and appoint the duties of Lord Commander to Dolorous Edd. If Lord Commander Edd is the one manning The Wall against the Walkers, I’m calling game over Lil’ Flip style right now.

But, it looks like Jon is on a war path to “clean up as much shit as possible,” as Ser Davos so eloquently put it.
In another compelling episode of Keeping Up With the Lannisters: There wasn’t much going on by way of entertainment. But scenes like last night’s for Cersei, Jamie and Tommen are necessary to set the foundation for the rest of the season. The big takeaway here is that Jamie seems completely loyal to a vengeful Cersei at this point. Although she may have no say in the Small Council as constituted with her uncle Kevan as the Hand of the King, she will be relentless in gaining her former status of power back. Meanwhile, Tommen appears to be exhibiting his tendency to be manipulated by becoming the latest victim to the High Sparrow’s savy way of words. Seriously, this kid is a little puppy following whatever shiny ball is in front of him. Could this sit down with the High Sparrow throw a potential hitch in Cersei’s plans?
It looks like our prayers for Arya’s character arc in Braavos have been answered! She finally got her sight back and is FINITO with the Helen Keller lifestyle after some good ole’ grit and perseverance. It also looks like she picked up some Daredevil type skills. There was much credence paid to the “Arya Stark hit list” so to speak by Jaqen and the Waif. What does this mean for Arya going forward? There is still some source material to draw from, but it appears as though the show is attempting to fast track the character arc at this point. (side note: the convo Arya had with the Waif about Sandor Clegane gave me a full on chub… more on that later though.)
Meanwhile in Meereen, who would’ve thought that a half-man and a eunuch could rule a city in the middle of a coup d’etat better than the Mother of Dragons? Really not so shocking IMO. Nice to see that Varys has built a new network of little birds (hopefully in a much less creepy way than Qyburn) to keeps tabs on Essos. Tyrion continues to add some much needed humor and overall liveliness to Meereen. We found out that the masters of Volantis, Yunkai and Astapor have all regained control and have been financially backing the uprising of the Sons of the Harpy, but we still don’t know who is the proverbial figurehead… As for Daenerys Stormborn, her situation continues to look bleak. Vaes Dothrak is no place for a Queen, and it certainly isn’t any place for a Game of Thrones plot. We all know the end game here (Dany earning the respect of the Dothraki and uniting them to conquer the world) so lets start making moves.
And so we get to Winterfell… We previewed what Ramsay’s “gift” could be late last week, and it appears that our worst fears were proven to be true. On the real, I don’t know if I can handle the death of another direwolf. So before we get to the implications of Rickon’s capture, a moment of silence for #RIPShaggydog.
Now, this is obviously bad news bears for Rickon and Osha. But this should really tie in nicely to the recently relieved of his duties Jon Snow, who could potentially be looking to reclaim Winterfell. What better to get his competitive juices going than his own half-brother being held as captive. The stakes have been set, now let’s see how it unfolds.

Reckless Speculation

What kinda conniving shit will Cersei do to gain control this time?

We saw Cersei at her lowest point last season and although she has reached rock bottom, it doesn’t appear that there is a clear path for her redemption (or vengeance) tour. The Small Council, lead by her uncle, has locked her out and she is still required to face trial to determine “the extent of her crimes,” according to the High Sparrow. So, what does she do from here? There seems to be but 1 option… Blood. Spill as much blood as necessary until you’ve willed your way to power. She’s off to a good start with the reincarnated Mountain, who will presumably represent her in trial by combat, and she also has Jamie behind her full fledged. Once she proverbially clears her name by way of the Mountain, there is little doubt that the Jamie will raise the Lannister Army to take down the Sparrows. But, that doesn’t answer the question of how they get through the Hand of The King first…

The Show keeps hinting that there will be a trial by combat in which Gregor Clegane will fight for Cersei, but who will represent the Sparrows/7 Gods?

Now we’re cookin!!! There is absolutely no basis for this speculation (hence the “reckless” tag to cover my ass), but I did find the conversation about The Hound which Arya had with the Waif veryyyyy intriguing. I realize that this Show is incredibly calculating, and there are absolutely no throwaway scenes. To include The Hound and his assumed death in this past episode really piques my clairvoyant Mike senses. Plus, how freaking dope would it be to watch both Cleganes finally go at it?!


A moment of silence once again for the big homie Shaggydog… Now, where are we with Direwolves in the show? Ghost has played a prominent role of late and will presumably continue to play an integral role by Jon’s side (side note: I was PISSED to find out that Jon said he saw “nothing” when he passed away), but where does that leave us in terms of Stark direwolf population? Back in season 1 Sansa’s direwolf Lady was executed after an unfortunate misunderstanding with Joffrey. Robb’s Greywind was excruciatingly executed during the Red Wedding. Obviously, Shaggydog met his demise by the hands of the Umbers this past episode. Thankfully, Arya deftly set her direwolf, Nymeria, free following the Joffrey fiasco. She is seemingly roaming the wild, but let’s hope they are one day reunited. So to recap, that leaves 2 direwolves (Ghost and Nymeria) still alive and 3 (Lady, Greywind, Shaggydog) fallen.

Who was that Obi-Wan, sword wielding mofo at the Tower of Joy?

You mean that dude going double sword and decapitating dudes left and right? That was none other than the famed Kingsguard knight, Ser Arthur Dayne. He was a member of the Kingsguard for Aerys II “The Mad King” Targaryen, and he was aptly titled”The Morning Sword” for his use of the house of Dayne’s fabled sword “Dawn.” He was best friend to Rhaegar Targaryen and was noted by Lord Eddard Stark as not only a cold blooded killer, but a notably valiant and chivalrous man. He is important because of his role during Robert’s Rebellion. History says that Rhaegar and Dayne kidnapped Lyanna Stark, sparking the war. However, as we saw this past episode, history doesn’t exactly lineup for the Tower of Joy.

Quite clearly episode 2 was an impossibly tough act to follow for the Show. So, we were treated to a slow burn that set up the monumental clashes to come later in the season. Kudos to the writers and show runners for providing us with some iconic scenes and dope action even during a bridge episode.

Be sure to check us out later in the week for a pre-cap to episode 4: “The Book of the Stranger.”





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