Quote of the Day: Charles Oakley on Charles Barkley

No son, this ain’t some post to make you feel better about your sorry-ass life. We already have Motivational Moments with Ahnnie Schwarzenegger if you need some uplifting and inspiration material. No Filter Network’s “Quotes of the Day” will strictly focus on bosses exemplifying their boss nature while providing interesting, introspective, and pithy statements. So no, we will not be quoting Gandhi about how you should co-exist with your fellow humans in a more harmonic way.


Instead, we’re strictly providing quotes that bring that heat, and spit that real.

For today’s Quotes of the Day, we got straight thuggery and uber confidence, courtesy of New York Knicks fan-favorite Charles Oakley

Quick background: NBA Hall of Famer and current media personality Charles Barkley and former NBA player Charles Oakley have a notoriously contentious relationship. The Charleses(?) would often get in little quarrels on the court at least once a year. The most wild and hilarious tidbit from the relationship between Oakley and Barkley comes from off-season negotiations during the NBA Lockout at the end of the 1990’s. According to multiple sources, Oakley straight up smacked the shit out Barkley during a players and league meeting after Oakley felt Sir Charles was talking shit.



3 of my favorite Knick players ever, featured above (Ewing, Oak, LJ) 


Fast forward to this week, during TNT’s NBA post-game show, Charles Barkely stated that the Atlanta Hawks need to “take out” a Cleveland Cavalier player for continuing to shoot 3’s while blowing them out of Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Semi-finals. This is the type of comment that typically gets blown up in the media in order to create a controversy, when in reality everyone completely understands Charles’ comments were non-malicious and grounded in realities of professional sports. But this situation took a real curve-ball when Barkley’s best bud, Oakley, chimed in on Twitter.


Since then, both Oakley and Barkley have been questioned regarding Oakley’s comments and their underlying relationship on various media outlets. Among those media outlets, were the Russillo and Kannell Show on ESPN Radio (should just be the Russillo Show). When questioned about Oak’s relationship with Sir Charles, Oak had a gem of an fucking answer. In reference to Barkely, Oak stated:

“He knows he can’t come by me, but I can come by him.”


That’s one of the baddest motherfucking quotes I’ve read in a minute. Dude straight up just brought the ruckus and broke down the beef in the realest sense. At the end of the day, Charles Barkley can bullshit on television and be a celebrity all he wants…. but he best be sure that his “third eye watchin'”. Sir Charles can front and stunt like he’s the man and the real tough guy in this beef. But there is no way in hell anything Barkely says will top the thuggery and straight up bossanova nature of Oakley’s quote. Look out Charles. 






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