Bernie Sanders Broke Out The Campaign-Defibrillator in Indiana

While The Donald went full Jimmy Chitwood on the Republican side, winning the hearts of Indianians(?) everywhere, Bernie Sanders came away with a surprise victory in the Democratic Indiana Primary earlier this week. The Brooklyn Brawler managed to edge out The Hilldabeast on Tuesday and issued a metaphorical defibrillator to his campaign. Hillary Clinton had won 5 of the last 6 state primaries heading into Indiana earlier this week. While Clinton’s margin of victory in terms of delegate-count were very small in some states, she experienced major gains in terms of reaching the required 2,383 delegates in states such as New York, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Basically, Sanders needed a win, ASAP.

Democratic April Primaries

Bernie Sanders only picked up 6 additional dellies on Hillary Clinton in Indiana, but the victory itself was more important. It was a sign that despite the growing certainty that Hillary will end up the Democratic Presidential Nomination, American voters are still coming out in troves to cast their ballots for Sanders. It’s been popular group-think since Hillary’s dominating victory in New York last month to believe that Bernie Sanders will most likely slow-down his efforts to win the nomination and come to grips with “reality”. DNC leaders want the party to unify behind Hillary Clinton and utilize Sanders’ passionate voting-base.


Democratic Indiana Primary Result



This narrative has continued to be defied by the efforts of the Sanders Campaign and its supporters. As we’ve covered, Sanders has consistently raised significantly more money than Clinton in every month of 2016 (until April, although I believe this is due to the “Clooney Circus”). Despite the efforts of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the Democratic Establishment, Bernie is not going to just fade into the darkness after sparking a revolutionary light. Sanders’ supporters are passionate and deeply invested in what he preaches. People should not assume that just because the DNC has pushed Bernie to the side and called for a unification around Hillary, that the Sanders supporters will automatically transfer over to the Clinton Campaign. To many young democratic voters, Hillary Clinton represents many of the problems and corruption that Bernie speaks out against (rightfully so).

Sanders may not be angrily aggressive in his attacks at Clinton, but do not expect him to lay down like a dog so the DNC can automatically anoint Hillary to the throne. The Brooklyn Brawler has the financial and political resources to keep his campaign going well into convention season. Peep the current Democratic delegate count for a hot second:


Democratic Delegate Count.png


As you can see, Hillary’s presumed eventual nomination is highly dependent on the allegiance of Democratic Superdelegates (I know, we haven’t delved into the ass-fuckery that are Superdelegates yet. My fault). If Sanders continues to successfully campaign for the next 2 months and Clinton experiencings a slip-up or two (FBI invtestigative findings?), it’s a real possibility that delegates transfer to Sanders. With such a unlikable and vulnerable opponent lined up for the eventual Democratic nominee, I’m sure many politicians within the party believe Sanders could easily beat Trump. I’m also sure that many people within the Democratic Party do not think that Hillary is impervious to new revelations that may damage her image or appeal.

There’s still too much time to 100% count Bernie out. At this point, it looks like Hillary Clinton will come away with the necessary number of delegates in order to secure the nomination heading into the Democratic National Convention in late-July. However, it is NOT A GIVEN. This election cycle has been a complete shitshow from start to finish. It would only make sense that we haven’t even seen the most craziest and unbelievable incident go down yet.







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