Yanks Celebrate Douchiest Fake Holiday Yet, #SauvBlancDay

In the latest edition of “fuck this phenomenon where we have a brand new holiday for every single god damn noun that exists on planet earth,” we present National Sauvignon Blanc Day which we reasonably assume was created by some bougie French people that migrated to America. If this utterly meaningless holiday weren’t enough, we have perhaps the douchiest franchise in professional baseball urging fans to buy white wine AT A FUCKING BASEBALL GAME.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy boozing it up with some wine as much as the next degenerate. But as a Yanks fan, this really does break my heart. Such a typical corporate Yankees move to celebrate #SauvBlancDay by encouraging fans to drink white wine from some bougie suite while Chase Headley strikes out for the 100th time this season. What a joke…

Any rational fan understands that the team is going through a transition period, but that just puts more onus on the front office and marketing team to not pull these embarrassing stunts while they’re 8 games under .500. This is what it’s like when your team becomes just as invested in shilling for cash as it does in putting a supreme product on the field. 

George is rolling over in his grave right now. Can only imagine the amount of shit he and Billy Martin are talking right now.



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