Before The Thrones

Episode 3: “Oathbreaker”

It’s Friday (fuck yeah). There’s nothing better than some GoT talk taking you into the weekend, so here we are 2 days out from episode 3. Here’s some thoughts you should be aware of before you grab your wine and watch some thrones…

There will be flashbacks aplenty.

Typically Benioff & Weiss choose episode titles to use as a theme for the respective episode. Thus, it’s a safe assumption to make that oath breaking will be a major theme of episode three. And do you know what could be one of the said oath breaking moments? Ser Jamie getting gully on the Mad King during Robert’s Rebellion! The detail in the Books is something that book nerds have longed for and we may finally get it.

Also, could we be getting a “Tower of Joy” flashback as well? Although they’ve set it up to be introduced at some point, I’m inclined to say no as the implications of that event are monumental. Too monumental to unleash in the first half of season 6. (disclosure: if you’re not one for spoilers, do not look up “tower of joy.”)

Could “Oathbreaker” relate to Brienne?

It certainly could. Keep in mind that Jamie handed down the valyrian sword “oathkeeper” to Brienne back in the day after Ned Stark’s sword “Ice” was melted down and forged into two (the other was given to Joffrey). What could this mean for Brienne? Well, Jamie gave her the sword with the guarantee that Brienne would give her life to protecting the Stark family.

Maybe.. just maybe, this means that Brienne, Sansa and Pod’s trip to Castle Black is not a foregone conclusion and Brienne intends to take Sasnsa somewhere she views as safer. Or, it could simply mean that Brienne is going to swing that sword like Tom Cruise in the Last Samurai…

What could be the “gift” that Ramsay gets?

The caption for the episode states that Ramsay will receive a “gift.” There are a couple of possibilities here, neither good:

  1. Brynden “Blackfish” Tully has been captured and brought to Ramsay: Recall from season three immediately prior to the “Red Wedding,” The Blackfish excused himself to take a leak and successfully escaped the massacre… He’s been on hiatus since, but reports have been made that he is scheduled to make his return this season
  2. Rickon Stark, Osha and Shaggydog have been captured by the Umbers: This would be an ultimate kick in the dick after the heart warming first 2 episodes. Recall that Rickon, Osha and Shaggy left Bran, Meera, Jojen and Hodor in the Shadow Tower when they decided to make their journey beyond The Wall. Supposedly, Team Rickon were making their way to House Umber (known bannermen of the Stark). Rickon is also rumored to make his return to GoT this season as well. However, things get sticky here. Previews and scenes of season 6 have shown that the Umbers have become loyal to House Bolton, with SmallJon Umber presenting Ramsay with said “gift” in the preview… AKA prepare yourselves for sadness Sunday night.


What can we expect from Jon?

Hopefully Jon being resurrected results in him being the most badass motherfucker this show has ever seen. I am fully expecting him to lose his sense of fealty to the Night’s Watch and break his vows, thus enabling him to punish his enemies (Alliser Thorne, and potentially Olly as well to signify that he is truly changed). I also expect the foundation for the “Battle for Winterfell” (AKA “The Bastard Bowl”) to be laid, perhaps with the appearance of the “pink letter” (if Rickon truly is captured) or by way of something else along those lines.

All in all, it really does appear that Season 6 is shaping up to be the best yet. While many of the characters remain worlds apart from each other, we are finally seeing some chess pieces collide.




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