RHCP Is Back With A Bang

Earlier today RHCP debuted a brand new track titled “Dark Necessities” and detailed the release date for their new album, The Getaway, set to hit shelves on June 17 as a double vinyl.

This will mark the 11th album for the group. Man, time flies. And I’m sure it flies even faster for Flea & Co. They haven’t released new music since 2011’s I’m With You and they were still bringing the heat and spitting the real. I mean, these guys are rock legends. They’re still on my bucket list of concerts to attend, and I’ll sell a leg to make sure that I will be there for their inevitable tour after this record drops.

Anthony Kiedis (lead singer) detailed how the group has been writing music for the past year and how they feel they’ve composed some of their best work to date. With any other group I would be skeptical because, let’s face it, any aging group will say their creating their best work. But I truly believe it with the Chili Peppers, they haven’t skipped a fucking beat. 

Flea even gave a progress report to Rolling Stone stating:

“they’d written over 30 songs running the gamut from ‘super danceable, funky shit’ to ‘some real introspective, pretty stuff.'”

Sign me the fuck up and



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