Larry Bird Is #Done With Frank Vogel

Earlier this morning Larry Bird, President of the Indiana Pacers, made the shocking announcement that head coach Frank Vogel would not return next season.

Here’s a live look at Knicks fans…


Vogel took over for the Pacers in 2011 when his interim tag was removed following the dismissal of Jim O’Brien. What has Vogel done since then? He compiled a record of 250-181, leading the Pacers to the playoffs in 5 of his six seasons at the helm. In each full season under Vogel, the Pacers ranked in the top ten in defensive rating, holding the top spot from 2012-2014 and third in 2015-2016. Each season the Pacers held opponents to under 44% shooting from the field. (Stats per

Vogel emphasized defense above all else and was right behind the guru Tom Thibodeau with the way he instituted modern NBA defensive schemes allowing mid range shots while effectively funneling drivers to shot blockers, clogging passing lanes and charging shooters on the arc.

Sure, Vogel has shortcomings on the offensive end at the moment. Too often the Pacers’s offense becomes stagnant and lacks creativity. IMHO, much of that has to do with the talent he has worked with. For fucks sake, this dude turned Roy Hibbert into an all-star and basically defined the term of “verticality.” He also deserves credit for grooming George Hill into a solid defensive and spot up shooting point guard and morphing a late   lottery pick (Paul George) into a top 7 NBA player.

Vogel is a VERY good NBA coach who is still learning. Any team that has a change to acquirre him should jump at the opportunity… This includes the Knickerbockers. Fun fact: Vogel served as an advanced scout for a Los Angeles Lakers team lead by none other than the Zen Master himself. I guess Phil is already on the phone with Vogel at the moment, right?

While every other team is scrambling to interview Vogel, Phil Jackson is in the Dakotas visiting the grave of Indian Chief Crazy Horse…..

This is negligent management people. Hey Phil, a little piece of advice: Get Frank Vogel on whatever fucking landline you can find in South Dakota and venmo that man double the amount you paid Derek Fisher if you have to!




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