Arizona Coyotes Hire 26 Year Old As New GM

ICYMI: The Coyotes recently promoted Assistant GM, John Chayka, to be their permanent General Manager. Chayka is 26 years old… Yes, you read that right.  There is now a mid-twenties millennial working as the GM for a professional sports franchise. For reference, I recently won the Stanley Cup with my NHL 16 franchise, and just ended a successful off-season for Arsenal in FIFA 16.

I can’t quite wrap my head around this one. I mean for starters, I still have a hard time comprehending how half of professional sports is either the same age as me or younger. Now I have to digest the fact that there is a millennial raised out of the same generational institutions as I am running a sports franchise? GTFO, I couldn’t be more jealous of this dude. A real example of The American Dream.

Then again, all us millennials should probably be grateful because this could open the flood gates for others to follow.  We’re living in a rapidly adapting sports world where numbers are becoming increasingly noteworthy and appreciated. If you can show that you have even the slightest understanding of how to utilize analytics with a scouting background, your’re a desirable candidate.

Now all I have to do is show the Yankees how badly I beat my father in strat-o-matic last night. I’m sure that makes me more qualified than Brian Cashman at this point.



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