Happy “National Concert Day”(?)

First off, fuck this phenomenon where we have a brand new holiday for every single god damn noun that exists on planet earth. We got freaking Confederate Memorial Day, International Picnic Day, Talk Like A Pirate Day, and Increase Your Psychic Powers Day (actually, that one is pretty dope). Are you kidding me? Fuck out here with that nonsense. Give me Christmas. Give me some Thanksgiving Turkey. Gimme summa dat Easter lamb-chops. You can keep the rest.

Speaking of which, we are currently living and breathing on what is technically known as “National Concert Day”. Yes, May 3rd is in fact National Concert Day. Are you surprised that you’ve gone through most of your day without realizing today was such a sacred and special holiday? Well, don’t blame yourself. That’s because the holiday was only invented last year. Not only that, the “holiday” was created by none other than Live Nation, one of the largest concert companies in the world. NOT EVENNN SON. This stupid freaking day clearly only exists due to Live Nation’s outrageous attempt to build its brand and make a shitload of money.

And after shitting on this entire ordeal, I’m going to now utilize today’s (May 3rd) random holiday to give y’all some solid content. Since it’s National Concert Day Tuesday, I figured I’d share a little tidbit on my own concert experience.




The best concert I’ve ever been to in my life was in November 2011, at the TD Garden in Boston, where Jay-Z and Kanye West performed their Watch The Throne show. It was the most incredible spectacle I’ve probably ever seen, and one of the funnest nights of my life. I mean, I’ve seen some pretty dope shows from some amazing artists ranging from U2 to Outkast. But nothing could compare to show that Ye and Jay put on. The show resonated so much with me because it took place at a time that was sort of like “perfect storm” of Throne fandom for me: It was the first time I saw Kanye live (second time for Jay-Z), I was in the 8th row moshing the entire concert, I loved the album and knew pretty much every single word to it, and I was pretty shitfaced with my boy Murph getting hyphee.

So in honor of the best show I have ever seen, and in an attempt to produce some easy content, peep some relatively crappy footage of that Watch The Throne show from my vantage point:






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