GOP Finally Thinks of a ‘Strategy’ To Defeat Trump? Brilliant!

Wait… so you’re telling me that it might be a good idea for the Republican Establishment, which might keel over and die if Trump reaches 1.237K dellies, to conceive and implement a thoroughly-planned and cohesive strategy to slow down Donald Trump’s momentum, after waiting nearly a year since DonDon announced his candidacy? No way, Joe-say? 



I mean, it only took 4 freaking months of the 2016 presidential election cycle to come to that (blatantly obvious) conclusion. Way to go, Reince Priebus (arguably the worst RNC/DNC chairman of all time). Way to go John Boehner (arguably the most inept Speaker of the House in recent memory) . Way to go Mitt Romney (ehh, I still love Mitt). Y’all BRILLIANT as fuck for realizing that the GOP should maybe coordinate some type of organized plan to slow down and ultimately stop Trump’s path to the Republican nomination. 




Shockingly (ll,l), it seems that distant 2nd-place and 3rd-place Republican presidential candidates, Ted Cruz and John Kasich, are adopting the “better late than never” attitude when it comes to actually creating a legitimate/cohesive strategy for stopping Trump. Long gone are the days of Ted Cruz attacking all 20 Million residents of New York State for their values, just because Donald Trump is from there (BRILLIANT!). Long gone are the days of John Kasich plea-ing and asking, like a straight-up flaccid penis, why we all just can’t get along (BRILLIANT)?



This turn of events caught us off guard, considering: 1) the Republican candidates are trying to adopt some form of a legitimate strategy to defeat Donald Trump; 2) the Republican candidates are rarely self-aware enough to realize that they are getting dismantled by The Donald, Ted Cruz and John Kasich have agreed to a join forces in an effort to limit Trump’s potential delegate count heading into the Republican National Convention in July. Via WSJ:

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich announced that they had agreed to divide key remaining primary states between them, giving each a better chance to stop Donald Trump head-to-head and force a contested Republican convention.

Is this move a desperate attempt by two failing campaigns to use collusive tactics to stop the clear front-runner, with little chance of success and dangerous repercussions? Or is it a clever move to finally allow real Republicans a chance to show that they want a different outcome, and in the process prevent a general-election disaster?


Hmmmm….. I’m going to go with Door Number 2, regarding the question posed by the Wall Street Journal above. This is an absolutely desperate attempt by Cruz and Kasich to not only stop the Trump Train, but also inflate their own perpetually deflating egos. Kasich is somehow in this race despite the fact that he’s only won one state (his own state), and must be experiencing some psychotic disillusioned trip that’s made him think he has a chance to somehow be the nominee at a potential contested convention. Lay off the peyote, Johnny Boy.


As for Ted Cruz, well, we already covered that he’s a life-long power-hungry sociopath. It’s actually pretty hilarious to see ALF team up with other moderate Republicans and play into classic Establishment ploys in order to (potentially) advance his agenda. Cruz has forever been hated by his fellow Republicans (kinda deservedly so considering how he’s behaved in Congress previously). Yet somehow Cruz’s been receiving endorsements up the ass from various Republicans throughout the country (guess why). Everyone in the GOP is desperately trying to find a way to defeat Trump, and most of the pathetic congressman think hopping on the Cruz Cruise is good idea. Alf’s attempt to contradict all of his previous “beliefs” (as the anti-establishment doo(fus)d) in order to gain increased delegate support is a testament to how desperate he has become. Considering Teddy is seeking help from Establishment folks, similar to Peter King, I think it’s safe to say that Cruz has officially entered desperation mode (1 level below John Kasich’s eternal-purgatory-wastingeveryonestime mode)


After the trigger-smacking Trump PUT ON Cruz and Kasich in the New York Primary and the Amtrak Primaries (to be covered), this just might be the final desperate attempt from Cruz and Kasich to derail Trump. Which means it’s basically up to to a contested convention in July to stop Trump, if the Republican Establishment is still clinging to that desperate hope in 3 months from now. In my not so fucking humble opinion: too little, too late, Alf and Johnny Boy.


Ted Cruz and Alf






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