Monday Morning Thrones

It’s fucking LIT!!! To say that last night’s episode was an A+ does not even do justice. Wow what a performance. It looks like this season will be the opposite of a slow burn. It’s not very often you have such a monumental episode this early in a season, but here we are. Now, let’s get to some reviews…

At The Wall, JON IS FUCKING ALIVE, PRAISE THE LORD OF LIGHT. Although it was a safe assumption that Jon would be resurrected, the date of said resurrection was still highly shrouded in speculation. I, for one, became convinced that it wouldn’t happen until late in the season for risk of being anti-climactic. But here we are, and WOW it didn’t disappoint.

The journey was bumpy, but Dolorous Edd was able to rally Tormund and Wildlings just in time to stop Alliser Thorne’s assault on Ser Davos & Co. We got some nice Giant smashing in the process. Thorne and his cronies (including the little fuck Olly) are now wasting away in the Castle Black cells. Thereafter, the Onion Knight gave one helluva pump up speech to Melissandre to restore enough of her faith back to at least attempt to resurrect Jon… and so she did.

It’s ironic that the character most heavily dependent on prophecy/faith needed to be convinced by the one who is the least so. After what appeared to be a failed attempt, everyone leaves Jon’s corpse in despondent peace with his direwolf . We got an interesting camera angle on Ghost looking at Jon (I’m sure we will find out that Ghost had something to do with Jon’s survival)… and then POW, the man with the best locks in Westeros was back in action.

In last night’s episode of Keeping Up With the Lannisters: Jamie and the High Sparrow were involved in a verbal showdown in front of Myrcella’s funeral. It was nice to see Ser Jamie employing his whimsical and witty retorts again. On the flip side, Tommen finally went to see his mother. Cersei seems rejuvenated again, and bent on destruction. It seems inevitable that there will be some type of battle waged between the Crown and the sparrows to determine control of King’s Landing. Again, we see parallels to the same situation. On one end, Jamie preaches introspection and reflection of past mistakes to Tommen, while Cersei looks more fearsome than ever to continue her pursuit for Lannister solidification.

In Winterfell, Ramsay made a shocking decision, even by his standards, to kill not only his father’s wife and legitimate son, but Roose himself. In season 6, Ramsay is the undisputed villain of GoT at this moment. As we saw Sansa and Brienne make way for Castle Black and her recently revived step brother, it appears that the “Battle for Winterfell” is becoming inevitable.

Tyrion continues his attempt to provide law and order to Mereen. His first step? Setting free Dany’s dragons, as his inherent ability to “drink and know things” was on full display. He knows the dragons will wither away if they aren’t allowed to roam free. With some liquid courage, he waddles his way to the dragon layer to unchain Viserion and Rhaegal. The expedition went surprisingly well… Also, keep in mind moving forward that subtlety, much emphasis is being made about Dany’s fleet being burned… me thinks some plot lines are coming to together.

In Braavos, Jaqen Hagar has finally appeared and shown at least a sliver of mercy towards Arya finally. It appears her training will be taking the next step while she continues to fine tune the senses that aren’t her vision.

On the Iron Islands we finally witnessed the heavily anticipated debut of Euron “Crow’s Eye” Greyjoy!!! Shit is about to get turnt for the iron born. The mysterious Crow’s Eye was thought to be dead while sailing the seas and pillaging villages (including Lannisport), but it appears he is healthy and full of vengeance as we saw him make his initial push to usurp his brother Balon’s throne. It’s time for a Kingsmoot ya’ll!

We also saw the debut of another crowd favorite, Bran Stark, this episode. We catch Bran and the 3 Eyed Raven in the middle of a flashback to Winterfell long ago with appearances from Yung Ned Stark, Benjen Stark and Lyanna Stark. We know Bran is on his way to becoming immensely powerful, but his powers will be even more key this season as a plot driver with his flashback ability.

Reckless Speculation

It’s been a minute since we’ve seen the homie, so what’s Bran been up to?

We last saw Bran 2 seasons ago finally completing his journey to the 3 Eyed Raven’s weirwood tree. The Raven has since taken on human form as Max Von Sydow (brilliant casting btw), and has been grooming Bran ever since, it appears. This training includes sharpening Bran’s abilities as a warg, skin-changer and greenseer. Bran is incredibly precocious, even among the mystical of Westeros. He can inhabit the strongest of animals, and also human beings (as we’ve seen with Hodor).

What we haven’t fully grasped yet is Bran’s abilities as a greenseer. Individuals with this power can look into the past/future through weirwood trees. It is believed that the Children of the Forest when they inhabited Westeros much long ago, carved eyes into the weirwoods so that people with Bran’s ability to could through them with their greensight.

This is important for both Bran as a character, and for the plot of the show. The flashbacks he provides moving forward are not only going to be really freakin’ cool for historical purposes, but also pivotal for driving the plot. We have recently been reintroduced to Lyanna Stark, who we should be keeping an eye on…

Prediction– One of those fabled fan theories will ben revealed next Sunday as we finally learn what happened at the “Tower of Joy.”

What should we expect from Jon now that he back?

Melissandre mentioned to Ser Davos that she had only seen a resurrection once before, performed by Thoros of Myr of the Brotherhood Without Banners. Thoros explained how the process works to Mel. Each time he revived Beric Dondarrion, a little piece of him was lost. Exactly what was “lost” is up for speculation. In Jon’s case, we could witness his loss of servitude to the Night’s Watch. This would pave the way for Jon and Sansa to take back the North (at least it certainly seems the show is hinting that way…).

Who is this Euron dude?

The “Crow’s Eye” is the brother of Balon Greyjoy, and uncle to Yara and Theon. Euron and Balon also have another brother, Victarion, who is an absolute badass mofo in the Books. Euron has grown into something of a myth on the Iron Islands recently. Euron received the nickname “Crow’s Eye” for his eye patch wearing stylo. The patch, according to Theon, is meant to cover up a “black eye shining with malice.” Euron is a wildcard.

He became infamous on the Iron Islands for mind fucking people.

For these reasons, the Crow’s Eye became hated by his brothers. He is also known for being a skilled warrior and ruthless.

Many figured him for dead after he was banished by Balon for allegedly raping one of Victarion’s wives. He captains a ship known as “the Silence” which is manned entirely by mutes whose tongues he ripped out himself.

In the Books, it is not known whether Euron was responsible for Balon’s death, although many find it dubious that he arrives merely a day after his demise. Clearly, in the Show we know that he was the one responsible. The ramifications for doing so are high, as a Kingsmoot will be held. In essence, a Kingsmoot is the iron born way of electing a new king when the throne is disputed, with accompanied iron born shenanigans of course . In this case, Yara, the only recognized heir of Balon will be going up against the older brother of her father. What will be curious, is how Theon plays into the Kingsmoot now that he has made it clear that he intends on returning to the Iron Islands…

That’s all for now folks. It was an awesome episode and it seems like we are on track for the best season of Thrones yet. There’s still much to anticipate moving forward, so come check us back out for a precap of next week’s episode “Oathbreaker.”



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