Everyone’s Full Of Shit: Barack Obama Edition

Here at the No Filter Network, we like to remind y’all that underneath every politician’s posturing and pontificating, they are most likely absolutely full of shit. In fact, a majority of celebrities, whether it be professional athletes, media personalities, or musicians, are relatively full of shit. Anyone who is power hungry will take up a cause or take sides if it increases their chances of advancing their own personal goals and objectives.

Some perfect examples of the Everyone’s Full Of Shit Phenomenon:

  1. Joe Biden stating that it’s ridiculous for Republicans to think that the next President of the United States should be the one to nominate the next Supreme Court Justice to replace Antonin Scalia. Funny thing is, Joey B tried to pull the same shit in 1992 when he publicly claimed that George HW Bush’s successor should nominate the next Supreme Court Justice.
  2. Chris Christie endorsing Donald Trump for POTUS after claiming just a few months earlier that Donald Trump is not “suited to be President of the United States”.
  3. Hillary Clinton’s entire political career.


Anyway, back to the topic at hand. For today’s reminder that Everyone Is Full Of Shit, we turn to Barry Soetoro Barack Obama. 

As I’m sure you know, global leaders around the world met in Paris at the end of 2015 to come to a massive climate change agreement. Obama repeatedly touted his role in pushing the climate agreement forward as Barry embarks on the eighth and final year of his Obama Legacy Speaking Tour. On top of patting himself on the back publicly, Obama went as far as to claim that this was a huge victory for America considering climate change was the greatest threat to America’s National Security for generations to come. Not global terrorism. Not a nuclear Iran. Not a power-hungry Vladimir Putin. Nope… climate change. Hmmm…..


Paris Agreement Celebration.png


Well considering the following news, I guess that was then, and this is now:

The Obama Administration is currently pushing forward proposals to expand off-shore oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and in waters surrounding Alaska. If passed, these proposals can open up over 140 THOUSAND SQUARE MILES of new drilling in the Gulf of Mexico alone. This is ultimately a financial plan, as the US Government would be the one selling the drilling leases, not private corporations.

Let’s forget about the fact that this represents and insane level of hypocrisy considering Obama’s previous statements surrounding the Paris Agreement. The practice of drilling for oil in the Gulf has been in practice for quite some time. So, no shocker there to be honest (other than the fact that Obama has railed against this type of drilling for years and is now expanding it).

But Alaska? The issue of drilling around Alaska has been a relatively heated one for years now. Alaska provides one of the most beautiful landscapes and abundances of natural resources that America has to offer. Additionally, Alaska represents an American environment that has been minimally tapped-in and disrupted by the actions of human beings. And now Obama wants to expand drilling in regions surrounding Alaska, a practice that will surely disrupt the natural ecosystem of that region. Not only are the proposals issued by the Obama Administration going to have damaging effects on the environment, but the proposals also push for the increased production of fossil fuel energy sources that the Paris Agreement is seeking to halt. Ouch. 

Via IBT.com: “The drilling plan would give fossil fuel companies more access to an untapped offshore reserve that holds an estimated 90 billion barrels of oil.”

Cherry On Top: these proposals from the Obama Administration use environmental research that was originally funded by fossil fuel companies. Conflict of interest, anyone?  

If this sounds extremely hypocritical, backwards, and disconcerting, you’re not alone. It’s important for the public to be aware of the two-timing nature of politicians and the underlying fact that:





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