Hustlin’ Backwards: Laremy Tunsil Edition

Imagine you’re on the cusp of earning millions upon millions of dollars in the blink of an eye. Now imagine throwing said millions in a trash can and setting it ablaze. That was the exact look in Laremy Tunsil’s eyes at the 2016 NFL Draft last night.


The face you make when you realize you lost millions.

ICYMI: Tunsil, an offensive tackle and the heavily favored best overall player, was caught in the middle of a scandal in mere minutes before the start of the Draft last night. Twitter exploded like a cross-fire hurricane when Tunsil appeared to tweet out a video of a man ripping a bong hit from a gas mask, and then removing the mask to reveal that it was none other than Tunsil himself, full of chuckles and jollies. You can view the absolutely absurd video for yourself below:

Naturally, Tunsil went from the presumed 3rd overall pick, to a pot smoking misfit in a draft day free fall. Little did we know, Tunsil’s social media accounts had an encore in store. Shortly thereafter, his instagram would post pictures of screenshots from his phone asking Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze for dough to pay off his mom’s bills.

Folks, this was the most bizarre evening of sports entertainment I’ve ever witnessed. Think about it: how many times do you get the opportunity to watch one of these scandals actually unravel in real time? It took until about the 9th pick for someone on air to finally acknowledge what was going on. It was absolutely amazing to watch Adam Schefter struggle to form complete sentences while attempting to describe the video on live television. If you had “Ian Rappoport will be the first person ever to use the words ‘gas mask bong hit’ on live television” as a prop bet, you must be flying high.

Truth is, most of these analysts still can’t comprehend that a majority of athletes actually smoke marijuana, let alone the concept of ripping bongs from a gas mask. Guaranteed Mel Kiper thought Tunsil was preparing himself for a WWI style gas attack and added that as a “pro” to his draft outlook. Thank god Jon Gruden was there to provide some street sense to those hooligans. I bet he was more concerned about Tunsil’s gas mask technique than the potential draft implications. 

As goes all of these situations, Tunsil claimed that his accounts were “hacked,” supposedly by his step-father. Quite clearly he was hacked, because let’s be real, nobody is stupid enough to self-sabotage themselves in this manner. But if it turns out to be Tunsil’s stepfather, Lindsey Miller (whom Tunsil is in the midst of a nasty legal battle over a domestic violence incident), that dude be “hustlin’ backwards” if he thinks he’s winning by getting the opposing party in his legal battle less money in the draft. 




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