Mike Francesa Being Mike Francesa Part I

When your mission statement is to bring that heat, and spit that real, you best be ready to call people out on their BS. Although we are strong advocates for Mike “The Pope” Francesa overall, the man too often mistakes fact with his own delusional grandeur. Case in point, this past Wednesday when Francesa called out the New York Islanders organization for being “third rate” when head coach Jack Capuano declined an interview on his show.

Below you can find a transcript of his monologue berating the Islanders as a “third rate” organization.


Other than this being a quintessential example of his rambling monologues, I found the line “they’re in the playoffs, the second round now, they don’t even know how to be there” extremely insightful.

Following Francesa’s rant, NY’s hottest sports radio personality, former Islanders goalie Rick DiPietro, went on to defend the decision by Capuano. Although he doesn’t mention Francesa by name, his usage of calling The Pope “fatso” was both compelling and quite humorous.  A clip of his response is below for your own personal enjoyment.

Side note: Has any athlete enjoyed a bigger heel turn than DiPietro in the history of sports? Dude went from the most vilified Islander to the most loved in like .2 seconds flat. Humpty just has to keep trotting out his fire suits and pulling off shenanigans like this…

And here’s my HOT take: At this point in Francesa’s career he pretty much knows nothing about sports conceptually. He’s been reduced to a walking encyclopedia of useless sports knowledge. If you want to know what day in August 1958 Mickey Mantle ate a tuna sandwich before the third game in a series against the Red Sox, Mike is your guy. OR if you’ve just left another grueling work day as a cube monkey and are interested in listening to someone berate callers, you’re in luck. But if you’re looking for any form of decent sports analysis, this isn’t the place for you. And Mike’s anger at Jack Capuano for not doing his show is another prime example.

I mean, this guy legitimately doesn’t give a fuck about hockey. Like, he doesn’t even mention the word “hockey” unless he’s forced to. And now, the first time in an eternity that the Islanders have become relevant again, he feels as though he can snap his fingers and *PRESTO* here comes Jack Capuano running to his show, grateful to be there… merely hours before the second round opener no less! 

Don’t get me wrong, the Islanders are a third rate organization, as third rate as it possibly gets. They’ve been the laughing stock of the league for what feels like half a millennium. But during this moment where they’ve finally turned it around, a man who simply couldn’t give one fuck about hockey doesn’t get the right to put their promotional skills on blast for any reason, let alone when he’s. Only us fans, who have been stuck in the trenches taking grenades get that privilege.

But, like it or not, that’s who Francesa is. No matter what, he’s going to keep garnering the highest ratings because he talks to people like the sun revolves around him. Is he right? For sure not. But its goddamn entertaining. Just stick to the one liners and leave the Isles out of it, Mike. 



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