Should We Be Surprised That Trump’s Campaign Manager Is Batshit Crazy?

ICYMI: Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was arrested for assault and battery charges last month in a highly publicized feud with Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields. The entire incident was a complete shitshow, and I’m honestly surprised that the Trump Campaign didn’t take too YUGE of a hit because of it. Even after video evidence showed that Lewandowski did in fact make physical contact with Fields (though it was overly dramatized), Trump went as far to offer his public support of his campaignTrumpmanager and assure that he would remain on staff. I mean, it’s one thing for Trump to go on illogical tirades that make no sense and offend multiple demographics. But it’s a whole ‘nother story when there are legitimate arrests involved.

I guess Trump’s campaign is just going with the ole’ “When in Rome” strategy. 


The entire “scandal” received significant media scrutiny (like everything involved with Trump). Fuckface gasbags (political pundits) on pretty much every network were expounding their great shock and disbelief at the actions of Lewandowski, regardless of how much Fields may have indulged. Everyone tried to out-outrage each other and project their bewilderment on everyone else.

Here’s the thing: this shouldn’t have been a shock or surprise to anyone. This is the same campaign manager that has allowed a leading presidential candidate to take part in gaffe after gaffe throughout his election cycle. This is the same campaign manager that has encouraged a presidential candidate to attack opposing candidates physical appearance and domestic partners. This is the same campaign manager that thought it was A-OK to start a minor feud with the mother fucking pope.

And if you’re actually paying attention closely, this is the same campaign manager that engages in aggressive Direct Message fights on Twitter with handles like @TrumpHandsPAC…Peep this gem:


Corey Lewandowski Twitter.png

Hmmmmm…. looks like Mr. Lewandowski is less of a campaign manager and more of a power-hungry sociopath looking to enact God’s almighty powers on all of his adversaries (because of course, Trump can speak with God and make that happen).

Like I said, should we be surprised that Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager is batshit crazy? 

And you know it boy.


Trump Campaign Manager





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