Shawn Carter: Puppet Master

ICYMI: Queen Bey (Beyonce) dropped a surprise new album earlier this week titled ‘Lemonade.’ The album reveal was less shocking than the lyrics in which it contained, however. Queen Bey followers everywhere let out a communal gasp as they listened to Beyonce detail the infidelity of her husband, Jay-Z (looks like we’ll be subjected to “Becky with the good hair” references at least through the summer, but I’ll take it from “Aunt Becky“).

But as the hours rolled on, the ‘Lemonade’ reveal seemed to become crazier and crazier. And do you know what’s been the most ludicrous aspect?

People that don’t realize HOV is behind it all!

Let’s think about this wholeheartedly. You’re telling me that Beyonce waited years to leak the supposed infidelity of her husband, and then finally revealed it in an album..? And that album was released as a surprise to increase the promotional value…? And that album was released exclusively through none other than TIDAL…..?! 

That’s right. ‘Lemonade’ is available exclusively through Tidal, the very same company that Jay-Z founded. It’s dubious, it’s odd, it’s certainly fishy and all of these leave no doubt that SC was pulling the strings the whole time in an effort to line his pockets even more.

For all the clamoring that Beyonce made in the heart of the album, she comes to accept Jay for what he is at the end of it. And what’s the result been? Outrage by Beyonce supporters who are supporting Bey and making HOV richer by listening to the album! A master of puppets indeed.


But you can’t really blame either of them for making these power moves. That’s what power couples do. Hell, their whole marriage is more than likely a publicity stunt in an attempt to extrapolate their power and popularity.

Queen Bey may have taken a hit when she made ‘Formation,’ but she’s officially back in the good graces of White people everywhere because we love an “underdog.” And behind all of that manufactured good grace is the Jiggaman himself, laughing all the way to the bank. 



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