Bernie Sanders Claps Back At Bill Clinton

After Bill Clinton threw garbage accusations at Hillary’s Democratic opponent, Bernie Sanders clapped back like a boss. 

As Bernie Sanders’ winning ways have continued to grow over the past 9 state primaries, so has to Bernie’s aggressive and more direct comments towards Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders laid low for the DNC and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz for months, as an obedient member of the Democratic Party. Unfortunately for DWS and the Clinton Campaign, state victories and political donations have continued to flow to the Sanders Campaign. Bernie has transitioned from a customary/procedural, weak, runner-up candidate, to a feisty challenger hoping to defy all expectations.

In the process of transitioning to a more serious candidate, Bernie has begun to actually address the record and qualifications of his opponent. No, to the displeasure of the Democratic Establishment, Sanders seems no longer willing to stay quiet regarding his opponent. It has been absurd that Bernie’s acted as a passive and non-aggressive candidate for a majority of this election season. While Sanders is a candidate representing true conviction and consistency, The Hilldabeast is the true definition of a career politician (flip flopping from position to position in pursuit of higher approval). Basically, Bernie’s starting to CLAP BACK.


It doesn’t take a genius political strategist to realize that Bernie Sanders should constantly be comparing himself and his track record to that of his opponent. I mean, The Brooklyn Brawler doesn’t even need to dive deep into the mud (Benghazi, Syria, Private Servers, Clinton Foundation). All he has to do is highlight the inadequacies and flaws of his Clinton. Thankfully, Sanders has started to adopt this strategy. Courtesy of CNN, here’s some recent comments Bernie Sanders had regarding The Hilldabeast:

“A candidate like Secretary Clinton, who voted for the disastrous war in Iraq, who has supported virtually every disastrous trade agreement that has cost us millions of decent-paying jobs and receives incredible amounts of money — we’re talking about tens of millions of dollars through a super PAC, from every special interest that you can think of, from the billionaire class — I have my doubts about what kind of president she would make.”

Now, to say these types of comments get the Clinton Campaign’s panties all tied up in a bunch, is an understatement. Hillary Clinton has carried herself as if she deserves the nomination and as if this entire election cycle is another structural procedure that she needs to endure on her way to more power.

(Clinton approached the presidential election the same way in 2008 also. The only difference is that the Democratic Party couldn’t produce a single other candidate that wasn’t either a socialist and senior citizen.)

When the Clinton Campaigns panties get all tied up in a bunch, the attack wolves get sent out in troves to pounce on their accusatory opponent. In response to Bernie’s recent comment’s regarding Hillary’s flaws as a candidate, none other than Big Willy Style Clinton had something interesting to say to the media. Here’s what Hillary’s hubby had to say:

“Questioned by a reporter earlier in the day if “gender was a factor” in the debate over whether Clinton is qualified to be commander in chief, the 42nd president said, “Yes, I think there are some different standards. Some of them are subconscious.””
What a fucking joke. This comment is such bullshit and malarkey, it’s not even worth breaking down. What happened was that Hillary Clinton’s opponent pointed out clear and factual flaws about her record, and all the Clinton Campaign can do is blame it on fake gender perceptions. The Clinton Campaign is relying on the useful idiots and sheeple of America to focus on trivial and distracting comments like this one, in order to avoid discussing Hillary’s real and problematic flaws.
Thankfully, Bernie Sanders doesn’t play that shit. When asked to comment on Bill Clinton’s accusation that Sander’s was subconsciously deriding Hillary due to gender biases, this is what The Brooklyn Brawler had to say:
“I appreciate Bill Clinton being my psychoanalyst,”




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