Noah Syndergaard Isn’t Human

Standing at 6’6″, 240lbs, chiseled out of marble, Noah Syndergaard is a physiological freak.  I don’t know if it was genes, or some grace of the gods that allowed him to make this transformation…


….But Met fans and women everywhere are thankful he did.

BTW, he’s also a statistical freak as well.  Peep these numbers from Thor’s first two starts this season:

4/5/16 vs. Kansas City Royals

6  IP, 1 BB, 9 Ks, 3 Hits (92 pitches)

  • His pitch distribution was as follows: Fastball 27.2%, Sinker 21.7%, Slider 17.4%, Curveball 12%, Changeup 21.7%.
  • His average velocity was as follows: Fastball 97.2 mph, Sinker 98.4 mph, Slider 91.4 mph, Curveball 81.9 mph, Changeup 89.7 mph.
  • To sum this up, Thor threw a SINKER at 98.4 MPH that was moving 6 INCHES into a righty while SINKING 9 INCHES from mound to plate according to
  • ^This is ridiculous
  • He totaled 16 swinging strikes, and 12 strikes looking on a total of 92 pitches
  • He surrendered “hard contact” on a mere 15% of at-bats.

4/12/16 vs. Miami Marlins

7 IP, 1 ER, 1 BB, 12 Ks, 7 Hits (99 pitches)

  • Thor threw his fastball (29.3%), sinker  (30.3%) and slider (23.2%) more, while utilizing his changeup and curveball less (i.e. his only two pitches he throws under 90 mph).
  • Each of those three pitches averaged  from 97.7 mph to 91.7 mph.
  • He totaled 22 swinging strikes, and 15 strikes while also inducing 9 groundballs on the night (according to


Syndergaard is pitching at staggering levels to start the season.  Thanks to the wonderful world that is Baseball Advanced Metrics (StatCast), we now have some more insight into why this is so…. According to Mike Petriello of, Thor’s massive frame allows him to take a longer stride on his delivery which makes his perceived velocity even greater.  In 2015, this meant that hitters had .383 seconds to decide whether or not swing at a Syndergaard fastball (Tops in the MLB).  This easily gave Thor a perceived velocity of over 100 mph… FYI science has proven that hitters have, best case scenario, .215 seconds to read and react to a pitch.

AKA GOOD LUCK HITTING THIS GUY.  Expect these advanced stats to start showing up in traditional numbers as his innings/pitch totals build up on his way to a CY Young caliber season.

Now if only TC&Co. can scrounge up some runs for this cyborg………….


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