Billions Dropped Bombs Last Sunday

From the showmanship, to the pageantry, WOW what a performance.  Billions wrapped up what was a very successful first season last Sunday.  As we here at The No Filter Network have previously noted, if you haven’t already jumped on the Billions bandwagon, now is the time to do so.

Here’s your 100 words or less recap for the Billions Season 1 Finale: “The Conversation”

An apt title for an episode that was full of tense and grandiose conversation… In the end, the episode concluded with a neurotic Axe face to face with despondent and defeated Chuck Rhodes as the two threw verbal haymakers at one another following their mutual loss of Wendy Rhodes.  Kudos to Wendy for finally realizing that she has been used by both of them, and leaves entirely.  So, Axe beats the case yet again, another battle won, but at what cost?  Chuck is defeated, yet again, but finally reveals that he is fueled by vengeance… for next season. 

Ep Highlights

  • Watching Axe verbally eviscerate Wendy was cringeworthy and pleasurable all at the same time.  Complete savage moves by Axe after he told his minions to “prepare the materials.”  FYI the materials consisted of surveillance of Wendy’s desktop and server where she searched for all the kinky stuff that turned on that crazy mofo Chuck. Reaaaaal Freaky Naughty stuff on that server.


  • The conversation between Axe and Bryan Connerty where he attempts to convert Connerty into an Axe disciple was maybe even better than the final show down between Axe and Chuck.  I mean, he never said no after all…
  • Axe tearing apart HQ in the fashion that he did kinda didn’t make any sense, but DAMN did it create an interesting backdrop for their confrontation.


Predictions For Season 2

  • Connerty will end up joining Orrin Bach and Axe on “The Darkside.”  (side note: are they actually the bad guys? I can make a compelling argument that it’s the other way around)  Everyone wants to be a lion after all…
  • Lara will leave Axe… There have been wayyyyy too many subliminal cues dropped that Lara will high tail it out of Axe’s Thugz Mansion.
  • Axe will make BILLIONS.  Did you see the way Axe pitched that final meeting?  That dude has laser focus like Gordon Gecko right now.
  • Axe will be arrested and put on trial… Because he can’t win all the time… can he?

Your Billions Season 1 Awards Winners

Best Ep: “The Conversation”

The finale was pretty much flawless, and it sanded all of the rough edges that dramatic TV shows typically have in their first seasons.  Well done.

Rookie Of The Year: “Wags”

Given to the character that we hope has more screen time next season.  His grotesquely vivid, sarcastic and witty remarks are a delight for viewers.  And he’s an advocate for strip club sushi for lunch.


Quote Of The Season: “When I pull a deal off the table, I leave Nagasaki behind.”

Let us pray for more bomb dropping in season 2.

6th Man: Bryan Connerty

He was the essential role player for much of the plot this season and delivered a wonderful (albeit gullible) performance.

MVP: Wendy Rhodes

However, Maggie Siff turned in the best performance of the entire cast.  Not only was she the lynch pin for the sometimes wayward plot, she was the driving force at times in a show that employs two power male leads.  Bravo.

The GOAT: Bobby “Axe” Axelrod

The Greatest Of All Time, and although not unscathed, he is currently victorious.  Here’s to another season of emasculating dialogue, henley wearing and pizza eating.


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