Jordan Speith Is On Butt Hurt Alert

Although the 2016 Masters wrapped up this afternoon, the wallowing in self pity for Jordan Speith is only just beginning.  The man that had lead the field wire to wire going into the final round would eventually self implode on the 12th hole today with a quad bogey…  My personal bogey of choice.


Have mercy! Anytime your stroke looks like a high school football play, you know that something has gone horribly wrong…


Yikes.  And such would be the ultimate undoing for Mr. Spieth.  He would be unable to recover from one of the most epic meltdowns in Masters history.  I still can’t even comprehend how he put his second stroke in the drink given his location.  Spieth legitimately looked like myself playing the back 9 after a few shotguns on the turn.  Except my club more than likely would’ve ended up in the drink as well.

And not only did Spieth have to suffer through that implosion, he also had to hang around the clubhouse so that he could put the Green Jacket on the eventual winner, Danny Willet.


“Cries Internally”

That is some cruel and unusual punishment.  But then again we already told you about how Augusta National Gold Club is the most sexist and racist organization in the continental United Stated, so this should come as no surprise.

In all seriousness, I fully expect Spieth to use this debacle to fuel his hate fire and come back stronger than ever.  Nothing quite some adversity to give a 22 year old gold phenom the “Fuck it, we’re on to Oakmont” attitude.  #PrayForTheField at the U.S. Open, because Daddy is coming.

At least Spieth maybe avoided becoming the latest internet sensation to fall victim to the crying Jordan meme?





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