Obama Blames Censorship on “Technical Issue”

As we covered last week, the Obama Administration took its problematic and ignorant policy of not using the term “Islamic Terrorism” to a entirely different level. The White House censored some of French President Hollande’s comments which included the use of the term “Islamic Terrorism”. It’s one thing to extoll the virtues of Islam’s peaceful traditions and reluctance to identify the actual enemy following devastating terror attacks. It’s absolutely batshit crazy to attempt to censor the god damn President of France. The arrogance it takes to think The White House could get away with this atrocity is unsettling. What’s even more unsettling is the idea that a radical agenda is being pushed right under America’s nose.


Now it turns out, Obama and his cronies are blaming the censored portion of President Hollande’s comments on a “technical issue” I mean, seriously? A technical issue? The written transcripts and recordings from the entire day of political discussions were documented correctly, except for the one portion that featured a term that Obama and Valerie Jarrett are trying to scrub out of the mind of Americans. When you try to outlaw a term that defines an active threat to America’s security, you undermine America’s ability to push back against an unprecedented enemy.

To be honest though, I’m a little surprised the Obama Administration couldn’t think of a better excuse for actively trying to censor the comments of one of America’s most important allies. The “technical issue” excuse comes from the likes of Kurt Rambis, who publicly likes asian porn sites on Twitter, and D’Angelo Russell, who sabotages the marriage of a colleague in front of the entire world. 

The White House has since updated the official records on its website to reflect the actual comments that were made. I’m warily waiting for the next “technical issue” that America’s lame duck President trots out prior to January 20th 2017.


Obama liar.jpg






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