Democratic Delegate Count After Bernie’s W In Wyoming

Another Democratic Presidential Primary went down in Wyoming last night. Wyoming was the second state to hold a presidential primary in the month of April after Wisconsin kicked things off this past Tuesday. Bernie Sanders headed into the primary last night with some momentum after winning 7 of the last 8 states against Hillary Clinton. But as we’ve covered a bunch already, The Brooklyn Brawler has basically no chance of amassing enough delegates to beat The Hilldabeast. It would be nice if the national media actually acknowledged that the DNC has completely rigged the election in Hillary’s favor (we’ll get to that). Sanders would have to pull of a miracle and continue to win 7 out of 8 states if he wants to have any chance…

Well… it turns out Bernie Sanders is keeping his “winning streak” alive. Bernie Sanders came away with 55.7% of the vote vs. Hillary Clinton’s 44.3%. Unfortunately for Bernie, the 2 candidates split the delegates evenly 7-7 based on Wyoming Primary rules. Basically, Bernie’s win was simply in name and not in actual reality.

Wyoming Democratic Primary Results.png

You see, that’s the problem with this “winning streak” of Bernie Sanders. There’s a reason we’ve been quoting the phrase “winning streak”. While Bernie has now won 8 of 9 states in a row, it’s basically had no impact on the race for the nomination. The states that Sanders has recently won include Hawaii, Alaska, Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming, all of which carry less than 25 delegates other than Utah (33). On top of that, The Brooklyn Brawler has been winning by margins that have allowed The Hilldabeast to pick up a decent amount of delegates while technically “losing”.

The next primary for the Dems is a doozie. The New York Presidential Primary will go down 9 days from today and will have major implications on the race going forward. The Empire State carries 247 Delegates and could be a game-changer for Sanders. Most likely, it’ll be the final knife in the back to the Sanders Campaign and allow Clinton to take one more disastrous step towards the presidency.

Peep the current Democratic delegate count heading into New York:

Current Democratic Delegate Count.png

As you can see in the chart, Clinton’s lead over Sanders is defined by her super-delegates. Unfortunately, super-delegates are one of the most establishment-y things that exist in modern American politics. And when you think “establishment”, you most definitely think Clinton and not Sanders. That said, who knows? Maybe some super-delegates will switch over to Bernie as he continues to win more states….?



Bernie and Hillary Cartoon


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