Quote(s) of the Day: Education

No son, this ain’t some post to make you feel better about your sorry-ass life. We already have Motivational Moments with Ahnnie Schwarzenegger if you need some uplifting and inspiration material. No Filter Network’s “Quotes of the Day” will strictly focus on bosses exemplifying their boss nature while providing interesting, introspective, and pithy statements. So no, we will not be quoting Gandhi about how you should co-exist with your fellow humans in a more harmonic way.


Instead, we’re strictly providing quotes that bring that heat, and spit that real.

For today’s Quotes of the Day, we got 2 straight fire knowledge-droppers regarding education. Seriously, when these dudes stated these illuminating ideas for the first time, they must have done a crazy combination of a mic-drop and a swinging below the knees.

No, these quotes were not said recently, as some quotes of the day will be. These bad boys are some serious American throwbacks, courtesy of Frank Herbert and Theodore Roosevelt. Herbert was a famous science-fiction writer and academic known for the revolutionary “Dune” series. As for Teddy… well, you better damn know who Theodore Roosevelt is. Seriously, if you spend more than 5-minutes reading up on the the life of Teddy Roosevelt you’ll be saying to yourself “What is this guy the fucking Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man In the World”?

Peep these goodies: 

“Education is no substitute for intelligence” – Frank Herbert

“A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car, but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad.” – Teddy Roosevelt

So, which one resonated with you most? Both of them are total mic-drop ideas that can be applied to various aspects of 21st-century life. While Teddy’s line is an iconic American quote, it doesn’t move me or make me get all existential like the Herbert quote.

Roosevelt’s quote regarding a university education was famously said about big business. Teddy was famous for his trust busting and devotion to keeping American business fairTeddy Roosevelt Cartoon and transparent. I picked the quote though because it applies to present day society just as perfectly as it did 100 years ago. The rise of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders is positively correlated to people feeling angry that the corporate and government elite are able to find loopholes take advantage of our poli-socio-eco systems. Hell, we just talked about how Princeton and Harvard educated Andrew Caspersen created a scheme to steal nearly $100 Million from colleagues, friends, and family.

As for Herbert’s quote, I can tackle this bad boy from so many different angles. I often like to highlight the difference between “street smarts” and “book smarts” in our everyday life. It’s incredible how some of the most successful and motivated individuals with fantastic careers can be absolute fucking jabroni’s. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve straight up jaw-dropped to the stupidity that has come out of highly educated individuals. 


Frank Herbert Quotes.jpg


The millennial generation and all of the YUTES out there need to see this quote and approach life with some perspective. Many Americans are simply going to college because it is a huge socio-economic bubble that is loading families with insane levels of debt (let’s save that for another time). It’s important to remember that a degree does not automatically equal intelligence. One must be a willing learner and dedicated thinker to truly gain intelligence

Ya dig?





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