Hollywood Squares: Memphis Grizzlies

The 2015-2016 Memphis Grizzlies broke the NBA record for having the highest number of players suit up for the team in a single season. The Grizzlies have been absolutely crushed by injuries this year and have been forced to adapt on the fly. When you’re forced to adapt on the fly, you’ve gotta pull out all the stunts.

The Memphis Grizzlies stunt comes in the form of 28 DIFFERENT FREAKING PLAYERS IN A SINGLE SEASON. Between a mix of long-term contracts, trades for new players, and 10-day contracts, the Grizzlies managed to pull off the impossible (not that this version of “impossible” is a good thing). The Grizz broke the previous single-season record of 27, held by the 1996-1997 Dallas Mavericks. The crazy part about this development is that Memphis is poised to become the first team to play over 24 players and still make the playoffs.

Peep this ridiculous graphic of all the players that’ve suited up for the Grizz this season. It’s ridiculous. When you go through 28 different freaking dudes in a single season, that pretty much guarantees you end up with completely unrecognizable/no-name players. Show your friends this photo and play a Hollywood Squares version of “Guess That Grizzly”. I bet you won’t find a single person that can name more than half of the players.

Memphis Grizzlies Chart.png


Ok, so I did a little better than I thought I would. I came away with a whopping 13 positive identifications. Whoopdee-freaking-doo.

1A: Tony Allen. 1B: Mike Conley Jr. 1C: Marc Gasol. 1D: Zack Randolph. 2B: Vince Carter. 2C: Jeff Green. 2D: Matt Barnes. 3B: Lance Stephenson. 3C: Mario Chalmers. 4B: Chris Anderson. 5A: Beno Udrih. 5C: Jordan Farmar. 5D: Brandon Wright.

We only have 3 games left in the NBA regular season. Will the Memphis Grizzlies defy all odds, trot out some front office interns or video coordinators, and break the 30-player threshold? I wouldn’t be surprised at this point if that actually did happen.



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