Giant Cattle-Eating Alligator Killed in Florida

Are you fucking kidding me? Get a load of this monster of a gator that was shot and killed by gator-hunters after local cattle-farmers complained that their property was being eaten by an alligator. When these Floridian hillbillies set out to eliminate the culprit, I’m sure they didn’t expect to be face to face with a modern day Loch Ness Monster.
Giant Alligator.png


This sucker has been initially measured in at around 15-feet long and 800 pounds. The gator was so god damn big that the farmers had to use a freaking tractor to pull it out of the pond that it in when killed. As a reference, the largest wild alligator ever caught in Florida was 14-feet and 3.5-inches. So this humongous son of a bitch has the potential to break the state record.

Biggest Alligator Ever


The largest wild alligator ever caught and record was 15-feet and 9-inches. That motherload of a gator was found in Alabama and can be found chilling all stuffed and such in an Alabama museum. I’m getting this strange vibe that gator-huntin’ is a proud family affair in the south based on the photos above and below. Growing up in New York, we watched movies and played Scrabble. But if hunting, killing, and stuffing massive lethal wild animals is how you get the family-bonding juices flowing, then by all means have at it.




All I’m going to say is that these Floridian hillbillies better have freaking kept that juicy-ass gator meat for themselves. That freaking beast can serve a family of 5 for the next 3 months. Then again, no good deed goes unpunished. I’m sure PETA and a bunch of butthurt fuckbois will be criticizing and harassing these farmers that were simply protecting their property. 



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