Twitterati Sighting: UNC + Crying Jordan

The internet can be a really shitty place to spend your time sometimes. There’s these Twitterati.png“trolls” that solely exist to make others feel bad, and there’s this “click-bait” that tries to get you read an article that’s actually just an advertisement in reality.

However, sometimes the good samaritans of the internet come through in the clutch. Through the power of love and keyboards, the Twitterati can make even the loneliest and saddest dude feel some joy.

Subject: Crying Jordan Epidemic Following Villanova Buzzer-Beater To Beat UNC.

Quick thoughts: I am pretty god damn tired of the Michael Jordan Crying meme. It’s getting redundant and makes me sad to think that so many people spend crazy time making these memes day after day. That said, I laughed my ass off as the Twitterati went bananas when given the opportunity to mock Michael Jordan himself last night. MJ, the GOAT, was at the game as a UNC alum and big sponsor of the program. Following Nova’s game-winning dagger, the Twitterati absolutely annihilated MJ, Roy Williams, and UNC. Honestly, this level of creativity has never been seen before in the Crying MJ meme industry. Leggo:

Jordan Meme Rings.jpg


Crying Jordan Roy Williams.jpg

Crying Jordan UNC Fans.jpg

Crying Jordan UNC 2.jpg

Roy Wiliams Crying Jordan.jpg

Crying Jordan UNC


And last but not least: The GOAT of all Crying Jordan meme’s, featuring The Goat himself.

Crying JOrdan Crowd.jpg


And I Love It.




2 thoughts on “Twitterati Sighting: UNC + Crying Jordan

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