For The Love Of The Game: Shane McMahon

Listen: I’m not a big Pro Wrestling Fan. Hell, I wouldn’t even call myself a fan. While I get a kick out of watching some WWE for 5 to 10 minutes, I can’t really handle much more wrestling than that. I respect the hustle, the culture, and the entire organization. I’m just not a soap opera guy.

But for some reason, I can’t get enough of “wrestling talk”. I thoroughly enjoy hearing Pro Wrestling enthusiasts express their feelings in real time on Twitter and reading about which dude beat who. I guess you could equate me to someone who reads the recaps of The Bachelor every week while not ever watching (who would do that…. who…

Ok, back to Pro Wrestling: 

In case you (most likely) missed it, WrestleMania went down this past Sunday. As the biggest event on the calendar year for the “sport”, all the big stars, past and present, showed up. Not only did the big guns come to play, they also put on a show.

Case in point: Shane McMahon. 

As the heir apparent to the WWE Throne, Shane McMahon is back in the ring (apparently he wasn’t wrassling for a period of time). With his return, the younger McMahon is going absolutely apeshit with the theatrics. Peep these clips of McMahon jumping 30+ feet from the top of a steel cage at WrestleMania (#WhatATimeToBeAlive?):


I’ve honestly spent 5-straight minutes watching the following GIF multiple times over the past few days. ES BRUTAL!


Shane did it For The Love Of The Game.


Shane McMahon Crazy


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