The NY Post Has a Matt Harvey Fetish

Everyone knows that the New York tabloids (Daily News, NY Post, etc.) get a little star-crazy. The tabloids are quick to anoint the next messiah of any given pop-culture phenomenon and even quicker to kick public figures when they are down. Above all things, nothing gets the NY tabloids’ panties wetter than a nice juicy scandal. Actually, scratch that. Nothing gets the NY tabloids’ panties wetter than a nice juciy scandal that can easily be described in a pun-ny title.

As we covered this weekend, Matt Harvey came down with a bladder infection because he basically bangs a lot of sexy chicks when he’s not striking motherfuckers out. 

The New York Post had a little fun with the entire situation by poking fun at Harvey’s random and non-baseball injury with this back-page cover:

Harvey NY Post 1.png


Not too bad, right? The NY Post managed to mock Harvey’s random bladder infection while simultaneously incorporating a classic New York Mets slogan “Ya Gotta Believe”. But here’s the thing, the Post started feeling themselves a weeeeee (pun-intended) too bit. Apparently one pun-ny cover page wasn’t enough. Ohhhh no.

Instead, the New York Post wanted to participate in some tabloid self-masturbation and show the world all the other pun-ny cover pages they came up with for Matt Harvey and his bladder blood clots:

Matt Harvey New York Post 2.png

Matt Harvey New York Post 3.png

Matt Harvey Swing and a piss.png

Matt Harvey New York Post .png

Matt Harvey Whiz Kid.png


Listen: Most of these are actually pretty funny. I especially like the “Piss & Tell”. 

But SIX DIFFERENT Matt Harvey pee-related cover pages? The NY Post is approaching straight up fetish status when it comes to Harvey news. 



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