Fun Facts: Allen Iverson

Time for some fun facts you filthy animals! 

Today’s Fun Facts are in honor of Allen Iverson as AI was elected into the Basketball Hall Of Fame today. 

Before I dish out the FF’s, let me provide y’all with some quick thoughts on Iverson. AI was and is the freaking man. AI didn’t bend over for anyone else’s PC nonsense. Iverson straight up spit that real and brought that heat. Listed at 6’0 (everyone knows he was more like 5’9) Iverson brought 100% effort every damn night. The dude was completely undersized in terms of height and weighted under 170 pounds throughout his professional career. Somehow, Iverson managed to carry Eric Snow and a bunch of scrubs to the NBA Finals while also winning the NBA MVP.

Iverson was the first modern “scoring point guard” and arguably planted the seeds for the unprecedented point guard play we are seeing this year from guys like Curry, Westbrook, Lillard, and Thomas. All while doing it his way. Between his game-changing style of play and obvious unique physical appearance (corn rows, headbands, shooting sleeves) the old folks loved to hate on Iverson. To the displeasure of all the bullshit moralists and patronizing douchebags, Iverson never changed. Regardless of the challenges he faced, Iverson perpetually did his thang.  I mean, can you imagine an NBA player ever having his mom braid his hair in the middle of a freaking game? 

Iverson Mom Hair Braids.png


Ok, enough with my selfish-ass self reflections on his unique and special Allen Iverson was as a person. Now for some basketball (shouts to Tommy Beer and all the other great NBA Twitter handles that you should definitely follow after reading this):


I think it’s air to say that as cool, unique, and revolutionary as Allen Iverson was as a cultural figure, AI was even more revelatory on the basketball court.  

And You Know It Boy.



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