Motivational Moments, With Ahhhnie Schwarzenegger (Pt 2)

AHHNALLD SCHWARZENEGAHHH is an Austrian and American Hero. Correction, Arnold is a god damn intergalactic-universal-hero.  

Arnold Schwarzenegger has experienced an unreal amount of career transformations/stages in his life. To recap. Ahhhnie has been a(n):

  1. Mr. Universe and world-class body builder.
  2. International Movie Star.
  3. Governor of California.

But now, it is clear that Arnold has finally found his true calling: Motivation Speaker

After returning to the big screen over the past few years, Big Ahhhnie is definitely lamping extra hard after stacking some extra paper via Hollywood. With some extra free time / time to kill because he’s extra rich, Arnold has found a calling in Motivational Speaking.

Here’s some inspirational words to help you get through your Monday tomorrow. Both videos are directed at J.J. Watt. So just pretend that Arnold is saying your name instead of “JAYYY-JAYYY”.


I honestly can’t get enough of Arnie saying the name “JAYY-JAYY”. It’s simply incredible. The only thing more fantastic, might be the way Schwarzenegger pronounces the word “fantastic”.




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