Cruz Campaign’s Dirty Tricks Continue In Montana

Ted Cruz is running a slimy-ass campaign. Hillary Clinton may be a federal criminal. Donald Trump is most likely a senile racist. Bernie Sanders is an uncompromising socialist.

All of that said, I’m not too sure any of those 3 candidates have ran as dirty of a campaign as ALF has. 

Ted Cruz and Alf


So far, the Cruz Campaign participated in the following acts during the 2016 presidential primary season:

  1. Sent citizens of Iowa fake warnings about a government watch list about potential violations/penalties for poor election-participation rates… while simultaneously suggesting a vote for Ted Cruz. 
  2. Started a fake rumor on the night of the Iowa Caucus that Ben Carson was dropping out of the presidential nomination race. This was a straight up calculated lie, as Cruz and Carson shared much of the same voting base. 
  3. Started a fake rumor on the night of the Hawaii Primary that Marco Rubio’s advisors were strongly urging Rubio to drop out of the presidential race. 

Now it turns out that the Cruz Campaign is trying to get John Kasich knocked off the Montana Presidential Primary Ballot. Cruz’s camp is claiming that the Kasich Campaign didn’t obtain the adequate amount of signatures to be on the ballot due to the inaccuracies of some of the paperwork. Here’s some more info from CBS:

“Emails obtained by The Associated Press show Cruz campaign officials have raised questions about the 622 signatures submitted by the Kasich campaign. A minimum of 500 valid signatures is required for a presidential candidate to qualify for the Montana ballot.

The Cruz campaign asserts Kasich’s petition contains signatures with invalid notaries, improper dates, mismatched phone numbers and illegible names, among other potential discrepancies.”

I found this dirty little trick super ironic. Of all candidates, this complaint is coming from the campaign that attempted to actively hide a personal loan that Cruz took out from the same bank that his wife works for. This is freaking Montana. The state only carries 27 Delegates and its presidential primary isn’t for another 2-months (June 7th). 

Don’t be surprised if you see more reports of dirty tricks from the Cruz Campaign going forward.

And you know it boy.


Ted Cruz Dirty Campaign




2 thoughts on “Cruz Campaign’s Dirty Tricks Continue In Montana

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