Charts, Bruh: Young (Millennial) Money

Peep this chart, bruh: 

Millennial Money Chart.png

This beauty of a chart holds some revealing information and left me feeling pretty shocked.

The chart via Bloomberg shows the American cities with the highest rates of “millennial” residents earning $350K and more. FYI: a Millennial is technically someone born between the years 1981 to 1996 (basically anyone from the age of 20 to 35). FYI #2: Three hundred thousand dollars is a shitload of fucking money. 

First takeaway:

I just said it, but I think I have to say it again: Three hundred thousand dollars is a shitload of fucking money. I really hope at least 95% of the “millennials” earning $350K are at least 30-years old. Otherwise, my self-esteem just took a massive swan dive from my 6th-floor walk-up apartment that I can barely afford.

Second takeaway:

What the fuck is good in Arlington, Virginia? Are the CIA and government just dishing out crazy salaries to a bunch of young folks? Seriously, what the fuck is good in Arlington? (…pause while I use the Google Machine…). Turns out Lockheed Martin, Booze Allen, Marriott International, and Deloitte are all based on Ahhhlingggton. Arlington’s high ranking on this chart makes a little more sense when you know 2 of the biggest consulting firms in the US, a major defense contractor, and a global hotel firm are stationed in VA. Youngsters coming out of sexy Ivy League schools surely snag some highly lucrative jobs right out of the gate at these firms.

Third (MOST IMPORTANT) takeaway:

Hmmm….. So there’s a list showing which cities have the highest population of millennials earning over $350K and you’re telling me that New York isn’t even in the top-7? How about Chicago? Nope. Boston? Nay. Miami? NOT EVEN SON. Los Angeles? FUHGETTABOTTIT.

The reason I was as shocked as drug-infused Pepper Brooks (shown in the video above) is that 5 of the 6 US cities that I instantly thought would be on the list, simply weren’t there. Folks, the times they are a changing.

It seems that these blood-sucking millennials aren’t hibernating and finding refuge in the traditional cities that previous youths have migrated toward. Rather than classical urban epicenters like New York, Boston, and DC, millennials are migrating to what would usually be considered mid-majors, in college athletic terminology. This chart shows that the richest of the youths are settling up in younger and hipper cities such as Denver and Seattle (BOTH HAVE LEGAL WEED, by the way).

Now the only question is: Are millennials moving to these cities for personal reasons and then finding jobs? Or are millennials moving to these cities because there is a plethora of growing companies offering high-paying job? My guess: a combination of both.

Don’t be surprised if younger generations continue to migrate to non-traditional urban areas while managing to earn the same compensation as cities like NY and Chicago… or if they just follow where ever the legal marijuana is. My guess: a combination of both. 



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