NYC Woman Fakes Getting Slashed Due to Middle Eastern Descent

This story is fucked up. On so many levels. 

Earlier this week on Thursday, a 20-year old New York City woman called the police to report she was slashed in the face by a man. For those of you unaware, random slashing have shockingly increased over the past 6 months in NYC and has become a major issue. According to the woman who filed the report, the man who slashed her called her “a fucking terrorist” while performing the act. The woman is of middle-eastern descent and claimed the slashing was clearly racially motivated.

Except here’s the Shyamalanian twist: the woman made the whole fucking thing up. 


After police officers reviewed security tapes and found no evidence of the slashing based on the woman’s story, the woman was questioned by the cops and ultimately fessed up to the fake story. Turns out, she accidentally cut her own face at home earlier that day.

Ummmm, are you fucking kidding me? 

This poses a serious issue. It’s bad enough to file a fake criminal report. It’s even worse to play a victimization card while filing a fake criminal report. It’s a WHOLE OTHER STORY using serious current socio-political issues as tools to play a victimization card whileFake Slashing NYC.png filing a fake criminal report. 

As we mentioned yesterday, America’s lame duck President is more focused on fighting terminology like “Islamic Terrorism” than actually fighting Islamic Terrorism. If this type of overt censorship and PC blame-gaming continues to grow, our country is going to lose focus on who the real enemy to America’s liberty and freedom are. Instead, America will continue to divide and become more concerned with fighting each other. This is what happens when you have divisive leaders governing your country.

So as this divide continues to grow while the fastest growing terror organization in the history of man-kind continues to flourish, we’re going to see an increase in the use of terms like “Islamaphobia” and “xenophobia”. When in reality, many Americans are fearful during their everyday lives for the first time ever and have a right to be heard (straight up racists excluded). The worse thing that could ever happen due to these ongoing issues is a stunt like this freaking jackass of a woman tried to pull. This clown hoped people would believe her so she could claim that average Americans hate Middle-Eastern people. We should be focusing on real racism and not fabricated garbage. All this woman did was potentially discredit the next innocent middle-eastern individual they may actually be the victim of a violent hate crime. 

This woman sought to create a controversy and increased tension in 2 major ongoing in American society: Race and Homeland Security. 

It’s absolutely disgusting and completely inexcusable to pull this stunt and try to add more fuel to a raging fire. We need sensical people discussing these issues in non-inflammatory ways. Don’t be surprised if you see both middle-eastern and caucasian assholes trying to pull similar stunts in order to generate more tension and anger in our society.

Buckle Up, It’s Gon Get Bumpy.


Fake Slashing


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