Always Sunny Renewed For a 14th Season, Whammyyyyyy

On April 1, 2015, Vulture reported that It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia would be renewed for another 2 season, guaranteeing at least its 14th season. This is a historic announcement, as it puts the show on course to break the record as the longest –running live-action comedy series in the history of television. Whammyyyyyyy. This decision by FX was made with good cause, as the 11th season of Always Sunny that just recently wrapped up was some of the Gang’s best work. Dennis, Mac, Dee, Charlie and Frank are somehow doing the unthinkable and have somehow managed to get even more outrageous and L-O-L funny… like a fine wine stored in the Paddy’s Pub cellar.

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind Always Sunny running for eternity. Or at least until the entire casts kicks the bucket. These guys are magic together. FX, please keep running them out there like the Simpsons, we will forever be in your debt.

Seriously, if they can somehow continue to produce scenes like below, there’s no reason Always Sunny can’t stay on for eternity.  It was St. Patrick’s Day for the gang, and Charlie was convinced he caught a Leprechaun in the basement of Paddy’s as he goes full on Michael Madsen in Reservoir Dogs


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