Syracuse Plays In The Final 4 Tonight, And That’s WHACK

Tonight’s Final 4 match-ups feature University of North Carolina vs. Syracuse University and Oklahoma University vs. Villanova University. 

UNC is the ACC Regular Season Champion and Overall #1 seed of this year’s NCAA tournament.

Oklahoma has been the #1 seed in the country at one point this season and has the best player in the country, Buddy Hield.

Villanova has been the #1 seed in the country at one point this season and finished the regualar season 29-5.

Syracuse  went 19-13 overall and 9-9 in the ACC, which resulted in a 10th place finish in the conference.



Somehow, Syracuse got into the freaking NCAA tournament this year after have a shitshow of a season. On top of that, Syracuse is coming off a fresh scandal in which the Men’s Basketball team committed multiple NCAA violations.

Listen, I think the NCAA is one of the most corrupt and hypocritical shams of an institution. There’s plenty to say about the NCAA’s over-penalization and relative stranglehold on college athletes. But that said, Syracuse’s violations were large enough in scope and size that the team was stripped of 12 scholarships and 108 victories from previous seasons. On top of that, Jim Boeheim was suspended for the squad’s first 9 ACC games of the season.

The NCAA brought down the hammer and reminded major programs and individuals throughout college athletics that no one is above the rules… or so we thought…? 

Following the conclusion of Cuse’s shitty season, Boeheim went on some bullshit speech about how Syracuse’s record and overall play was much better when he was coaching the team, and that the NCAA selection committee should account for this. Apparently, the Jim Boeheim Picking Nose.jpgNCAA took Boeheim’s sham of a rationale and decided it held water. I mean, no fucking shit Syracuse is better with their head coach. Any team is. But Joe Castiglione, the chair of the Division I men’s basketball committee, went as far as to say this:

“In Syracuse’s case, we recognize you have a Hall of Fame coach who has assembled his team, knows his team, conditions his coach,” Castiglione said. “To pretend he’s not a difference maker would be a mistake.”


Here’s the thing: if the NCAA actually believes this, then the sanctions for Syracuse’s violations meant absolutely nothing. The penalties had absolutely no fucking bite to them. So instead of penalizing a program for committing multiple violations over multiple years, the NCAA gave major programs and famous individuals in college athletics EVEN MORE REASON TO THINK THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW. This is a freaking joke. 

That’s why it’s WacArnolds that Syracuse is even in the NCAA tournament, let alone the god damn Final Four. 


Wack Arnolds


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