Karl-Anthony Towns: Super Freak

In case you haven’t watched any NBA ball this year, rookie Karl-Anthony Towns is a straight up freak. Actually, Towns is a super freak (RIP Rick James). 

Listen, I’ve never been one for sports predictions. I don’t care about throwing a verbal dart at a board based on an educated guess just so I can be congratulated in the future. Gasbag fuckfaces (pundits) on ESPN do that those type of things. Gasbag fuckfaces brag about the predictions they made on their platforms and feel as though pre-game analysis is somehow more important than post-game analysis. However, I do have my convictions and I do have my beliefs. And while I’m not trying to trot this baby out like a real asshole…

I’ve been on the Karl-Anthony Towns train since day 1. Lord knows, KARL is meeting and exceeding all expectations I had. I knew Towns was the best NBA prospect and had the most potential out of everyone in the 2015 Draft by Christmas 2014. The guy can put it on the deck, pass like a point guard, and pull up from 3, all while having a great post-game. While most pundits didn’t come to recognize how great and fungible Towns’ talent was till much later, it eventually became clear how fantastic KARL was. Minnesota ended up taking KARL with the #1 overall pick and has been the clear Rookie of the Year during the 2015-2016 NBA season.

As the NBA season winds down for the Minnesota Timberwolves, KARL is providing us some last-minute dessert to taste and savor until next season. Peep this clip of Towns going full Iverson on DeAndre Jordan:


I know what you’re thinking… As impressive as this move is, Towns was being guarded by DeAndre Jordan. Despite Jordan’s dominant rim protection, he’s not the greatest perimeter defender. It’s understandable that a dude as skilled as Towns could put in work on Jordan like that.

Here’s the thing…. what do we do with this one?


KARL basically did the exact same thing, but do Russell Westbrook. 

I expect Towns will be a Top-10 player in the NBA within the next 3 years. The guy is an absolute beast and has showed us glimpses of insane talent that we should expect to see more of going forward. 



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